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Florida Bed Bug Lawyer Craig Dell shares interesting facts and surveys about Bed Bug Infestation

According to the National Pest Management and University of Kentucky Bugs Without Borders Survey, 95% of the pest termination companies have encountered a bug infestation in the past year. Problems with Bed Bugs predominantly occur in suburban and urban areas with large populations of people who interact in congested spaces. The occurrence and frequency of Bed Bugs is three times higher in metropolitan areas than in rural areas due to the following factors: apartment living, increased mobility and larger population size, which are advantageous to the fast spread and breeding of Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs like to hitchhike on people and their belongings causing infestation to spread at a rapid pace in urban areas like Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Orlando.

Did you know? Fascinating information and facts about Bed Bugs:

Our Florida Bed Bug Attorneys have handled numerous Bed Bug cases against most national motel/hotel chains, apartment complexes and furniture rental companies. We have successfully assisted clients in Bed Bug suits in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Naples, Palm Beach, Orlando and across Florida. Contact a Dell and Schaefer Bed Bug Lawyer to help explain the current law and assist you with your Bed Bug claim.

The information above was compiled by the National Pest Management, United States Environmental Protection Agency and University of Kentucky.


Monday, June 3, 2013
Vanessa Ontiveros:

I arrived at Altamonte Springs at a hotel and found 5 bedbugs. I literally can’t sleep and wanted to know what the process is to file. I will be going to the office tomorrow and provide them the collection of bedbugs I captured.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Attorney Greg Dell:


You only have a claim if the bed bugs have caused harm to you or your property. Please call us and we will answer any of your questions.

Saturday, November 9, 2013
Ann Francis:

I have been dealing with these bed bugs for over two years. Reported to my landlord and only received bed bug spray and have used a steam machine they let me use. I have done all the work on my and two other apts in the building. I and my family have list three new beds ckithing an entire baby nursery set up etc. I have Sec 8 and they are willing to back me up. I live in NY, I realize you are in Florida but thought maybe you could advise or help.

Thanking you in advance.

Sunday, November 10, 2013
Gregory Dell:


Please contact us privately and we will do what we can to either assist you or steer you in the right direction.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Stayed at a wonderful resort outside Disney in the Orlando area and was infested with bedbugs. I reside in GA and have been in contact with the resort which they conformed the activity and have started a “claim” on my behalf. I am considering what my options are for the next month or so. My daughter and I were bitten more than 100 times and the resort is “willing” to pay my medical bills and medicine (after my insurance is billed of course). I would like to know what my options are since I am not a Florida resident? This is just the basic info. I have supporting photos and documented when I spoke to the resort as well as them confirming the “activity” in the room I was in. What are your thoughts please?

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Gregory Dell:


Your state of residency has no bearing on a claim against a hotel for bed bug bites. You should not communicate directly with the insurance company as you could waive your right to compensation. It sounds like you have a strong bed bug claim against the hotel and we would like to discuss it with you as soon as possible. Please contact us privately at 800-828-7583 and we can advise you right away of your options.

Monday, February 24, 2014

I just moved into an apartment complex 2 weeks ago. I have never had a bed bug issue in the past. Over the past week I have been bitten more then 100 times. I contacted the front office last Wednesday and they said that they wouldn’t be able to do anything till this upcoming Wednesday. I went to the doctor and was prescribed something to help with the itching but it is unbearable. I live in Orange City, Volusia County, Florida.

I can’t even stay in the apartment it is so bad. It has displaced myself, my pregnant fiancé and my son.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Craig Dell:


We are sorry to hear about this horrible situation. We have handled cases similar to yours and we would like to discuss it with you. Please call us at 800-828-7583 to discuss.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Do you handle bed bug claims from New Port Richey, FL?

Monday, March 3, 2014
Craig Dell:


Yes, we handle bed bug claims in New Port Richey, Florida. Call us for a free consultation to go over the facts of your case.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

To whom it may concern,

I lived in an apartment like motel for six months. They do not rent nightly rooms.There is mostly families there. I recently saw a bug in my bed which I thought was a baby cockroach or a gnat. I researched it on the internet and found out it was bed bugs, as I had never seen one before. I notified the office on 2-18 and was told I had to move in two hours. According to the California. Gov site I was a tenant there. They would have had to give me 30 days notice. I told them I was not prepared for this. This was my home. I lived there everyday for six months. It is not like I just checked in to a motel. They said they would refund my rent money. Although, their policy is to not issue refunds. They did not ask if I needed medical attention.They were charging me bed tax for an unsanitary bed. I said I do not want to move, at this time, just give me another room and take care of the problem. They refused. They said I needed to move because they had to quarantine the room. I said you can not quarantine the room, because bugs travel. unless you have some kind of special building structure that I am not aware of.This problem probably occurred because recently they were having ten people a day move out, as I was told by the maid.That spreads the problem to other rooms. I used their linens and vacuum. The maid carries insecticide treatment on her cart that is specically made for bed bugs. The office said that was for preventive treatment. I said why was I never given preventive treatment? They said how do you know you weren’t? I said because I was there each time the maid came. They have in house extermination by maintenance, specifically designed for bed bugs. They would not let me see the manager nor give me corporates number. So, I started sending the manager notes. I kept refusing to move and continued to ask for the matter to be taken care of. I kept asking for the room to be treated for which they kept refusing. For the first two days the only thing they would keep saying is your moving out.They had me staying in inhumane conditions, in an untreated room, that was uninhabitable for three days. I informed them that I was not able to move because of their infestation. I was not going to possibly take their infestation elsewhere. I did not want to move until it was detemined that there was no more bed bugs. Finally, three days later maintenance came and sprayed the room. The people that lived above me told me they exterminated their room, as well. They did not inform them why they were doing that. The office informed me I did not have to move until I wanted to. So, they let me pay the rent again. I informed them that I looked up their reviews and found one that was the exact same situation as mine. It was posted three months prior to me moving in. This is the way they try to cover up their problem by making people move that discover the problem. Maintenance and his wife live there, as do most of the staff. He told me that when he does his extermination for this he puts everything in the dryer to kill it. His wife, the desk clerk, said it may or may not work. She also said that the problem used to be cockroaches and now it’s bed bugs. They have room inspections that I guess do not incorporate the detection of these kinds of problems. I still kept trying to meet with the manager, that also lives on site. I always keep my place clean and clutter free. Also, I always pay my rent in advance. I used their linens and their vacuum. I kept telling them I cannot live with bed bugs. I explained by not taking care of it they were endangering the health and wellbeing of the other families that live there. I said to them there is a baby living next door.They caused me a great deal of emotional distress. I could not eat nor sleep. I was nauseated, woozy and had headaches. My heart was racing. I broke up with my boyfriend, via text. I have had nightmares. They made my life a living nightmare. It makes me fearful to lay on a bed now. I do not know how long it will take me to feel comfortable in my own bed. I do not know if I ever will. It was their duty to warn me and others of their problem before I moved in on August 20th. On 3-1 I informed them that I had seen one dead bud and one that looked like it was going to die. So, I asked them when they were going to treat the room, again? Because, they told me after the first extermination they were going to be in five days later to do it again which they never happened. The front desk manager said he would ask maintenance and let me know. On 3-2 I went to pay the rent a day in advance, as I always do. They said they would not accept it. They said they had me scheduled to move. I said I was not notified of that. They said they were going to call the police. I said that was a good idea because then they would be made aware of the problem and make a report. Also, contact the appropriate heath officials. I waited for the police to come, for hours. Instead of the police coming the office showed up acting very aggitated and said they were there to move me out themselves. They said they were going to do this with or without my permission. I said I am not moving until I get to talk with the police. They said this is not a police matter. They started throwing open my dresser draws. So, I asked a friend to call the police. Then the police came and said that the office was possibly going to make a citizens arrest for trespassing because my rent wasn’t paid. I said that’s because they will not let me pay it. The police said they were not able to arrest me themselves. I said I am not trespassing. I am a registered guest. I have never been arrested in my life. So, I was not going to risk scaring my perfect record. I was not going to go to jail for the first time in my life because they have a bed bug problem. I think it should be the other way around. I like to keep myself and my record clean. So, I said okay I’ll move. I asked the office if I could have a day to move out. I was asking for this so I could take all possible precautionary measures for the move. Such as, laundering and getting everything wrapped tightly in plastic bags, purchasing bed bug insectide, etc. They said yes. But, they said I would have to pay for it. I said I am not giving you one more dime. Because, you are not letting me pay my rent for the sole purpose to try and arrest me for trespassing. And because you knowingly let bed bugs crawl on my body and bite me. Also, I feared for my safety. Because, of the way the office was acting. So, a few minutes later maintenance came and helped me move out. I asked for a police report because of the injury I have sustained on their property from bed bug bites. Also, to state the office was threating to arrest me for trespassing. For which I was not doing. The police denied me a report. They said all they could do is give me an incident number. Does that violate my civil rights? Now, each day I need to use insecticide and have to be exposed to harmful chemicals, because of their doings. An Attorney contacted me and said he was interested in a class action case. They have 700 people that live there and nine other properties.


Sunday, March 16, 2014
Craig Dell:


This sounds absolutely terrible. We have many questions for you about the incident. Please call us at 800-383-7853.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

In Orlando fl I was in a hotel where I was bitten all over my body what can I do about it

Sunday, March 30, 2014
Craig Dell:


We would love to help you with your bed bug case, but we need to learn more about the facts surrounding your injuries and the Orlando hotel you stayed at. Call us at 800-383-7853 for a free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.

Saturday, May 3, 2014
Paul Johnson:

From April 4th to the 11th we stayed at the Sunburst Condominiums in Manasota Key. In the morning of the 11th we discovered a bug on a blanket in the bedroom. We called the management and was told it was not a bed bug but possibly a sand flea. We spent the entire day washing clothes and segregating our laundry in plastic bags so not to bring them home. We left a day early and took every precaution not to bring the bugs. The day after we returned home I broke out with bites. The next night I had respiratory problems and had to go to the doctor the next day. At the same time my wife started breaking out with bites. We call the manager at the condo and was told again they were sand fleas, he had seen them before. Since we were only on the beach twice never sitting we did not believe this. The manager suggested if there were bed bugs we might have brought them with us. His reason was he had been there nine years and had never had a problem. We do not have, nor ever had bed bugs in our home. He agreed to refund the last day of our fee since we had left early, which he did. I finally called the authorities and filed a complaint. They inspected, found bed bugs, and closed the unit.

We live near Lexington Kentucky so responding further to this issue is a problem. We have had several issues and expenses due to this event. The manager’s last response was to call a lawyer. We both have had doctor’s visits, I missed two days work, we have had to buy luggage, and are still concerned that we could have brought bed bugs home. This is in addition to the aggravation of being bitten all over by bed bugs. What should we do?

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Craig Dell:


It appears as though you and your family were taken advantage of by management at the Sunburst Condominiums in Manasota Key. We have many questions for you surrounding your potential claim. Please call us at 800-383-7853 to discuss your case.

Friday, May 30, 2014
Janette Gilbert:

I would like to speak with a lawyer about bed bugs at a hotel.

Sunday, June 1, 2014
Jason Macri:


Please contact us privately and we can discuss your claim with you.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Out apartment was sold to new landlords in January 2014. It was a four plex with us living on the second floor. We have live here since March 2011. Now in May 2011 the apt. was tented because of a bedbug infestation. Everything was OK on my side.

Now in August 2013 the apt next to me (second floor)was complaining again that they had the bed bugs back. but Told the old owners and nothing was done about it. We still haven’t had signs of having them also did not know at that time nextdoor was having the problem again. Well next door moved because of the bedbugs November 2013.They Moved to the building next door (same property). Now we were told about the infestation by the old tenants and how bad they said it was.

At that time we still did not see anything, but for precaution we went out and bought bedbug covers for our bed and our three boys bed, also caulked all the trim around the adjacent wall to the infested apt. At this time that apt. was not lived in, and the apt complex was sold. The new owners were informed of the problem by us and the old tenant, also the tenants below us started having bedbugs, and we started seeing them in the creases of the bed bug cover in our kids beds. Now at this time the new landlords started remodeling the next door apt. They told us they have not seen any evendence of bed bugs (there was nothing but
walls in there.) Now our kids were starting to get bit. We told the landlord and still nothing was done about it. At this time we started looking for a new place,and the downstair neighbors moved out because of it, also the ones that started the problem moved out too because of the same problem in the new place.(they brought them to the new place) also the tenants in the other bulding also moved out because of bedbugs (but left all there furnatucher) because the landlords refused to do anything about the problem. (because they wanted all of us out because the are turning all the apt. too weekly rentals but had to uphold our lease.)

Now on May 23 2014 I was fired from my job of 4 years because my boss said I brought bedbugs to the job and it would be bad for business because it was a clothing store and a motel…

Now I have no clue what to do, can’t afford to move now because of no job but can’t let my boy continue to get bit. I just had to throw my kids bed away because they were infested with them. now they are sleeping on the floor one because can’t afford three new beds nor would I want to get new beds because they are not doing nothing about the problem and the new beds would just get them again and it would be a waste of money that we don’t have anyway… So if there is anything you could do to help us please let me know because right now we are stuck in a situation that was not our fault or not good for my boys helth. (if child service finds out I am having my kids living in a apt. where they are getting bit or slepping on the floor they will take them from me & I am a single father of three boys and I am all they have and I cant provide a safe place for them to live.)

Please get back to me either way if you can help or not… Thank you so much for at least reading this. Because my landlords don’t lisen to me nor do they care because its not them… Thank you again, Jason Stawarz.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Jason Macri:


Please contact us privately to discuss your claim. You should immediately call the State or County Department of Health to inspect the property.

Saturday, July 19, 2014
Tracy Leigh:

I recently stayed at a hotel in Daytona. Where I got bit I have pictures also have bugs where I caught in one of there cups. When I approached owner of situation he screamed at me. Please give me info on what I can do about this problem.

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Jason Macri:


You will only have a claim if you have suffered an injury as a result of the bed bug bites. An injury requires you to seek medical treatment. You may be entitled to additional compensation for any personal belongings that have to replaced due to the bed bugs.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I bought a mattress and box spring from buddies home furnishing the first one was ok but to noisy and would wake up my daughter so traded for another and that one was infested with bed bugs. Didn’t notice till about a week or two later that my 11 month old was being attacked. I thought they were Mosquitos but then I found a bug and called them right away to pick up that mattress. Now I called exterminator and gonna cost me 1500$ and I can’t afford that. I’m due in September with my other child and need counseling. Can I sue to get them to pay exterminator?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Jason Macri:


You can likely get compensation for the exterminator and the pain and suffering of your daughter, plus medical expenses.

Sunday, August 3, 2014
Sherrita Morton:

Hello I purchase a wicker bedroom suite from a company that’s sell recycled furniture. Shortly after we set the furniture we were getting bites and seeing bugs and at the time we didn’t know they were bedbugs. It was confirm by a pest control company that I have bedbugs and I have to throw everything away in 3 bedrooms. How can I hold the company responsible for my loss?

Monday, August 4, 2014
Jason Macri:


The company that sold you the furniture should be responsible for giving you your money back, and any injuries or bill you suffered. Contact us to discuss further.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A physician denied the rash/bites on my son, who is autistic, were bed bugs. He felt it was an allergic reactions that had been scratched. Upon follow up visit, the same physician had no comment when informed bed bug infestation waa confirmed in supported living apartment. Is the physician responsible for the marks and scars left on his skin?

Thursday, October 9, 2014
Jason Macri:


The Physician has not liability in this situation.

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Jennifer Collins:

I have been trying to find legal action against a motel in Colorado and everywhere I have tried I’m getting nowhere. I have been bitten by bed bugs and I did bring it to their attention and they looked at me like I was crazy. I’m 54 years old I have some major health problems. I also receive SSDI. I have a allergic reaction to bed bug bites. I was bitten in a motel room, ended up in the emergency room.

I would really like to get some legal help and maybe do something about it and have people be aware of how bad it’s getting in Colorado. If you can, please help me or be able to guide me in the right direction on getting help in Colorado it would be very appreciated ’cause it’s a very horrible experience to go through, especially when you have an allergic reaction to the bites.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hi, I am currently renting a single family home in south Florida. Recently we discovered bed bugs. I contacted my landlord and they said that it is up to me to get rid of the infestation. They are saying they only cover pest issues the first two months into the lease. I am currently about 6 months into my lease. I have been researching online laws regarding extermination… is the landlord in my case responsible for the extermination cost of the infestation? Or would this fall on me?

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Jason Macri:


This is a very interesting question. The landlord is required to provide you with a place that is fit for habitability. We would argue that a residence with bed bugs should not be occupied. A more important factor is the language in your lease. There will be an issue as to where the bed bugs came from. Is there a problem in just your apartment or the whole building? Did you recently buy furniture that may be infested with bed bugs?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Katherine Soto:

I moved in a 2 bedroom apartment in Orlando, FL. Before I moved in any of my belongings I found a bug; didn’t know what it was. I couldn’t report it to the office cause it was closed. So Monday came, I went to the office to claim about the bug, the lady told me she was going to send pest control on Tuesday. Tuesday came, they told me I had bed bugs and was blaming me that I brought it and wanted me to pay $600 for the treatment. I had a huge argument with the manager cause she told me I brought it from the last place I stood at which was my mom’s house. Therefore, I called Massey to inspect my mom’s house they didn’t find anything there. I called corporate, they told me they will pay for the treatment if my mom didn’t have them. So I won the argument they had to pay for the treatments. Meanwhile, the Massey guy came to do the treatment in my apartment today as I speak, November 25, they wanted to double check to make sure I had them cause the chemicals was very strong. They inspected my apartment in front of me and the maintenence guy and didn’t find any bed bugs. He told me he was going to talk to the manager. Later that day the manager called me to come in to the office I came by she told me that the Massey guy was going to come back tomorrow to start the treatments. I told her why if he didn’t find any bed bugs she said that they where hiding. I ask if I can move out and get my money back cause I just recently moved; she said no I can not get my money back and if I do break the lease it will fall on my credit and pay other expenses for breaking it. I don’t want to live here because she said I brought them and proved her that I didn’t and now that the Massey guy told her that I didn’t have any in my apartment she wants to say they are hiding. What can I do? Please, I need help, been stressing. Me and my daughter have been getting bit and I just don’t feel safe even if they treat the apartment. The manager was very rude and has false information.

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