$1,000.00 Progressive Insurance Co. Offer Goes To $10,000.00 Policy Limit Thanks To Margate Car Accident Attorney

A common practice for insurance companies in Florida is to send an adjuster to visit an injured victim of an accident as soon as the accident is reported. Their goal is to make a low-ball offer in an effort to make a very small payment and obtain a signed release of all injury claims. A person injured in an accident should NEVER resolve their damage claim without help or advice from an experienced car accident attorney.

Progressive initially offered our un-represented client $1,000.00 to settle her auto accident claim. Within three months after the client retained Dell and Schaefer, the claim was settled for the $10,000.00 policy limit.

Margate Auto Accident Results In Laceration On Leg

Our client was an elderly woman who was a passenger in her friend’s car when he was traveling eastbound on Atlantic Boulevard in Margate, Florida. He attempted to make a left turn across the westbound lanes of Atlantic Boulevard and violated the right of way of an oncoming westbound vehicle causing a violent collision. The police arrived on the scene and cited the defendant driver with violation of right of way.

Our client was taken to Northwest Medical Center with a three inch laceration to her left leg. She was treated in the emergency room and received several stitches to close the minor leg wound. Discharge instructions recommended that she follow up with her personal physician to monitor the wound and have her sutures removed. One week later the sutures were removed and our client was left with a small scar on her lower left leg.

Accident Victim Insulted By Progressive Car Insurance Company

Our client retained Margate Auto Accident Attorneys Dell & Schaefer to pursue her injury claim against Progressive, the insurance company for the person that caused the accident. She did not want to go after or hurt her friend who was driving in any way. She was, however, insulted that Progressive offered her $1,000.00 the day after the accident while the stitches were still in her leg.

Upon retaining Dell & Schaefer, Progressive was put on notice that the low-ball offer was unacceptable. Photos of the injury and emergency room records were presented to Progressive, together with a threat of litigation. A meeting was immediately set with a progressive adjuster, at which time a check for the $10,000.00 policy limit was tendered.

Our client was extremely satisfied with the result of her case. She acknowledged that she had a minor injury, and just wanted reasonable compensation. Our client felt pressured by Progressive to settle quickly for their small offer. Her case still settled quickly after hiring Dell & Schaefer, but settled for 10 times the original offer.

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