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Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues

We are committed to providing the highest level of legal representation and treating our clients in the same manner that we would want to be treated if it was our own case. For privacy purposes the full name of each person listed below has not been disclosed. The ethic rules regulating attorneys require us to state that you should not create any unjustified expectations based upon the information listed below. Upon request we can provide you with the name of numerous past clients in order to discuss their experience of working with our firm.

Attorney Jay KanterAttorney Jay Kanter

Testimonial from Barbara R.

Right from the get go, I knew I made the right choice by choosing the Law Firm of Dell & Schaefer! I submitted a form online describing my injury on a Saturday evening. I was not expecting an answer until Monday if even then. Mr Jay Kanter Esquire an attorney with the firm called me the very next day which was Sunday. I said to myself this is the kind of attorney I want to handle my case. I don’t know of too many attorneys who would call someone back on a Sunday. We talked for awhile and he said he could help me… He treated me with tremendous respect and expressed deep concern for what I was going through. From the beginning to the end which ended in my favor, Mr Kanter was everything one would come to expect from a lawyer. He has integrity, full knowledge of the law and made my journey so easy through the whole process. There is nothing more one could possibly ask for from an attorney. His empathy, respect and willing to go that extra mile is what took me to the finish line a winner.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I have nothing but tremendous respect for the office staff employed at the firm of Dell & Schaefer. My calls were returned promptly and I was treated like I was important. Mr Kanter’s assistant Renee was part of the whole process. All the pressure was taken off of me and everything was handled quickly and correctly. Both Mr. Kanter and Renee took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. I thank them both from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend the Law Firm of Dell & Schaefer to anyone who needed an attorney who cares and yes most of all, who wins!!! I would even permit Mr. Kanter to give my name and phone number as a professional reference to anyone who requires more than I already stated above!!!

What could we do to improve?

Barbara R.

Attorney Jay KanterAttorney Jay Kanter

Testimonial from James J.

Dell & Schaefer has made my life much more restful in so many ways. They retrieved the appropriate paperwork from Medical Facilities and made all of the calls and faxes as to allow me to just rest. I know what it is like going through a rough time medically and need to handle all of the legalities that come with it. You can certainly count on this Law Firm, I am speaking from a standpoint from completely healthy to absolutely so sick I could not work at all. It can be devastating especially to people who have always been healthy, lived a great lifestyle and worked a fabulous position with a great company. Simply put things can happen that are frustratingly out of your control and when you need help then don’t hesitate to hire this law firm, they helped me greatly and they can help you too!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Dell & Schaefer strongly and the main reason is the client service, the hard working staff of the Attorney and those that work together on a case like mine and communicate how the process works to me every step of the way!

What could we do to improve?
I could not possibly recommend a better way to improve Dell & Schaefer as their diligent and client oriented which is not always the case thank you D&S!

James J.

Attorney Jason MacriAttorney Jason Macri

Testimonial from Patricia E.

Everyone was very professional and took all my needs into consideration. They did all they could to get me the most of my claim. Jason was always there for me and gave me all the attention to the case that was necessary to get me the most he could.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Yes I would because they were professional and thorough. They are always on the clients side and did everything to get the case finished with excellent results.

What could we do to improve?
I don’t think I could improve on what Jason did for me. Diana was also there for me and answered all my questions in a timely manner.

Patricia E.

Attorney Jason MacriAttorney Jason Macri

Testimonial from Ronald W.

Jason Was very helpful, from start to finish with every step of the process. He was very knowledgeable in answering my questions and capable in addressing my concerns and issues. He helped me get the best medical treatment and a favorable legal outcome where I was able to receive a significant amount of money for the pain and suffering from my injuries. I always knew that my case was being handled professionally, and I am glad I chose Jason as my attorney.

I have recommended Jason to more than one person already. Every case that I have referred to Dell & Schaefer has had a positive outcome. I appreciate that Jason handled my case well from start to finish, over a 5 year time frame. I feel he is very dependable.

Ronald W.

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAttorney Dennis Schaefer

Testimonial from Mrs. H.

Attorney Dennis Schaefer and his secretary Rene – they are both wonderful and good communicators – they have a full service firm – they are amazing people. I wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t.

Attorney Daniel VillalobosAttorney Daniel Villalobos

Testimonial from Maureen D.

Daniel Villalobos was helpful, articulate and proactive from the first phone call I made to your firm. Never having heard of a demand letter for a personal injury experience, the entire process was a valuable learning experience for me. I appreciated the work of Daniel to pursue my best interests.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Professionalism and persistence.

Maureen D.

Attorney Jay KanterAttorney Jay Kanter

Testimonial from Gerald T.

I contacted Dell & Schaefer out of frustration with Metlife’s complete lack of response to my notice of claim letters. In my conversations with attorney Jay Kanter he reassured me I had a good policy and a solid case for long term disability benefits. Mr. Kanter was able to get a prompt response from Metlife and guided me through the application process. The assistance of attorney Kanter was instrumental in the approval of my claim and has made the application process and ongoing claims maintenance much less stressful than trying to go it alone. Everyone at Dell & Schaefer I have had contact with has been helpful and professional. I appreciate how they continue to represent me in the maintenance of my long term disability claim.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They have the experience and professional expertise in disability law practice to handle the claims process and manage ongoing benefits maintenance.

What could we do to improve?
No suggestions.

Gerald T.

Attorney Jay KanterAttorney Jay Kanter

Testimonial from Glorianne T.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Attorneys Dell & Schaefer. Attorney Jay Kanter was very professional and always provided me all the information necessary in a a very timely manner. His assistant, Renee was also very attentive and responded to my emails right away.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?

Glorianne T.

Attorney Jay KanterAttorney Jay Kanter

Testimonial from Janet S.

Both attorneys were caring, understanding and professional. When communicating with them, you felt you had their undivided attention. They both made me feel like I was their only client. They were up front and honest and gave good advice. You fully understood the direction they wanted to take and why. They are truly the best. Danielle rocks!

Why would you recommend D&S: I felt they were the best of the best.

What could we do to improve: Absolutely Nothing.

Janet S.

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAttorney Dennis Schaefer

Testimonial from Becky B.

Working with Dell & Schaefer has been a pleasure. Open communication and open door policy with both Dennis and Renee. The entire firm made this unfortunate circumstance very smooth. My only concentration was to get well!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Very professional and knowledgeable! Dennis has put himself first in being aggressive in fighting on my behalf.

What could we do to improve?

Becky B.

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