$15,000 Offer Goes to $100,000 Thanks To Pembroke Pines Car Accident Attorney

Unfortunately there are thousands of auto accident victims living in Florida that accept low-ball offers from insurance companies. A person injured in an auto accident should never try to resolve a claim for damages without the help of an experienced car accident attorney. Prior to hiring Pembroke Pines car accident attorneys Dell & Schaefer, our client attempted to handle his auto accident claim on his own. The X insurance company initially offered our un-represented client a low-ball offer of $15,000 to settle his auto accident claim. Within several months after the client retained Dell & Schaefer, a lawsuit was filed and the claim was subsequently resolved for $100,000.

Pembroke Pines Auto Accident Results in Serious Neck, Back and Shoulder Injuries

Our client, a 65 year old retired auto mechanic was traveling eastbound on Pines Blvd., approaching the intersection of Flamingo Road, in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The defendant driver was also traveling eastbound, at a high rate of speed, cutting in and out of traffic when he carelessly clipped the rear corner of our client’s car, causing him to spin and hit another car in the adjacent lane. The police arrived at the scene of the accident and after speaking with several witnesses, the defendant was cited for careless driving.

Our client was taken by ambulance to the emergency room at Memorial West where he was x-rayed, treated and prescribed muscle relaxers for his pain. He was diagnosed with cervical and lumbar sprains, as well as, a shoulder injury. Discharge instructions recommended that he follow up with an orthopedic surgeon for his neck, shoulder, and back pain.

One week following the accident our client came under the care of an orthopedic surgeon. The doctor prescribed a course of physical therapy to treat his neck and back pain. A shoulder MRI was ordered because our client suffered severe shoulder pain and was unable to lift his left arm over his head. The MRI revealed a torn rotator cuff which required surgery.

Accident Victim Undergoes Shoulder Surgery Following Car Accident

Our client successfully underwent left shoulder arthroscopic surgery to repair his torn rotator cuff. Subsequent to his surgery, he followed up with a short course of physical therapy to facilitate healing and increase his range of motion. After several months of treatment, our client was released from care by his orthopedic surgeon. The doctor stated that our client has reached maximum medical improvement and that he sustained a 7% permanent partial disability to his left shoulder.

Attorneys Dell & Schaefer File Lawsuit Seeking Damages from X Insurance Company

Our client retained Pembroke Pines personal injury attorneys, Dell & Schaefer, to pursue his injury claim against the insurance company for the person that caused the accident. He initially thought he could handle the injury claim on his own and signed medical authorizations so the insurance company could obtain all of his medical records. After he fully cooperated with all requests made by the insurance company, they wound up offering him only $15,000.00 for his injury. Our client was outraged as he mistakenly thought he would receive a fair offer for his injuries, pain and suffering. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer immediately filed a lawsuit. After depositions and a short course of discovery, the case was set for mediation. The case settled at mediation for $100,000.00 and our client netted almost four times the amount he was offered by the insurance company, even after attorney fees and costs.

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