$175,000 GEICO Settles Lawsuit With Man Suffering from Cervical Injuries

During our client’s initial consultation with a top rated physician, our client complained of headaches, neck, and back pain radiating to his left leg and foot. The doctor diagnosed our client with cervical, thoracic, and lumbar sprain/strain with evidence for radiculopathy. The doctor administered an injection of 30mg of Toradol to our client for his injuries and prescribed him medication and an intense physical therapy regimen. Our client had a follow-up evaluation with a highly qualified neurosurgeon.

Our client complained of cervical and lumbar spine pain, left lower extremity radiculopathy with numbness and tingling in his toes, and lower back pain that is constant and severe. Physical examination revealed a herniated disc at C6-7. Our client underwent an MRI of the cervical spine taken at a local MRI center. The MRI revealed our client suffered bulging disc at C3-C4, C4-C5, C5-C6 and C6-C7 with a left C7 nerve root impingement and straightening of the lordotic curve. The MRI also revealed modic type-II changes of the endplates at C6-C7 with posterior bulging of the intervertebral disc effacing the ventral aspect of the thecal sac and narrowing of the left neural foramen.

After months of physical therapy with the chiropractic physician consisting of spinal manipulations, electric stimulation, and hot cold packs, our client never felt complete relief. The therapy was able to neutralize the pain for short periods of time but never gave him long term relief. After long periods of time, the pain would return and our client would once again be forced to change his life to accommodate his pain. With very little options remaining, the neurosurgeon determined that surgery was the best course of action.

Our client underwent a cervical fusion in the upper spine, which restored our client back to the healthy condition he was in prior to the accident. After undergoing surgery, our litigation team quickly filed the claim with GEICO and State Farm, the insurance companies for each of the defendants.

Our litigation team entered into negotiations first with GEICO, the insurance company for one of the defendants who had very little property damage State Farm’s insured was the primary person responsible for the accident. After extensive negotiations with GEICO, our litigation team settled the claim for $175,000.00.

Immediately after resolving one of the claims with GEICO, our litigation team filed a lawsuit against State Farm, the primary defendant in the case, seeking damages of the policy limits of $1,250,000.00 (one million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars).


Monday, June 29, 2015

March 2014 & May 2015 Car Accident. GEICO insured caused the 1st accident. Bulging C3/C4 with injury to L5 which was repaired in 2012. State Farm insured caused the 2nd accident reversed current progress. Receiving physical therapy and pain injections. Not sure if this is the right time to seek legal advise or not.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Jason Macri:

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