43 year old Pembroke Pines maintenance worker injured at Sedanos

A 43 year old maintenance worker was injured at a Pembroke Pines Sedanos supermarket when he bumped into a loading cart that was left within the frozen food isle of the supermarket. He was shopping for ice cream in the frozen food section when he finally found the brand he was looking for. He removed a container of ice cream from the freezer and turned around to walk toward his cart when his ankles both rammed into loading cart which was left in the middle of the isle. Apparently, one of the Sedanos employees had been unloading the cart and left the cart in the isle after he was done. The cart, when empty, was very low to the ground and was not clearly visible unless a person was to look at the ground. It was also the same color as the flooring, making it difficult to notice.

Pembroke Pines maintenance worker goes to Urgent Care

Our client felt immediate pain in both of his ankles but did not call an ambulance because he was still able to walk without the need for crutches or a wheelchair. He notified store management that we was injured in the isle and then left the store. He immediately brought himself to an urgent care center to have his ankles looked at. X-rays of his ankles were taken which revealed contusions of the lower leg. He was prescribed pain medication and told to ice the area and get rest. He was also given a cane to help him walk.

Maintenance worker experiences back pain

The next day, our client awoke to discover that not only did his ankles hurt but he was now experiencing significant back pain. He immediately sought the help of a chiropractic physician. The chiropractor conducted a physical examination and discovered that our client had suffered a cervical (neck) sprain/strain. He also noted that our client’s ankles appeared to be getting worse. The chiropractor decided to refer our client to a board certified orthopedic surgeon.

Pembroke Pines man receives orthopedic care

The board certified orthopedic surgeon conducted a full evaluation regarding our client’s neck and ankle pain. The orthopedist discovered that our client suffered left scapular myofascitis and a persistent contusion and sprain of the left ankle. Our client’s left ankle was fitted with an aircast and he was instructed to stay off of the ankle and to get rest. Because of his injuries, our client was given a seven (7%) percent impairment rating.

Sedanos denies the claim

From day one, Sedanos denied any liability regarding this claim and stated that they had no information regarding this incident. As time went on, they acknowledged the incident but continued to deny any liability whatsoever. After several months of attempted negotiation it became clear that the only way to proceed with this matter would be to file a lawsuit.

Attorneys Dell and Schaefer file a lawsuit

Our office filed a lawsuit against Sedanos in Broward County Circuit Court alleging negligence on behalf of Sedanos. Upon review of the surveillance video, it became clear that the loading cart was negligently left within the isle, creating a tripping hazard for customers. Also shown on the video was our client, who walked into the cart and immediately bent over in pain. It became clear that Sedanos was at least partially negligent in this matter. The lawsuit was settled shortly thereafter for an undisclosed sum. The settlement enabled our client to be compensated for his medical bills as well as pain and suffering. Our client was pleased with his settlement and was happy to get on with his life.

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