$50,000 Settlement For Deerfield Beach Boat Accident Victim

Our client was a passenger on a speed boat in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The operator of the boat suddenly and without warning, accelerated rapidly.

As the boat was speeding down the water, the operator of the boat failed to realize that the conditions of the ocean were choppy with two to four feet waves.

The boat jumped over a wave resulting in a hard landing causing our client to fall out of her chair onto the floor causing serious injuries to her knees, neck and back.

Our client saw a doctor and was prescribed a regiment of treatment and physical therapy. After physical therapy failed to improve our client’s level of pain, a subsequent MRI showed a meniscus tear in one of her knees. Our client had to undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair the damage done to her knee.

After the surgery, Deerfield Beach Boat Accident Attorneys at Dell and Schaefer attempted to file a claim against the boat owner’s insurance company. However, the owner of the boat failed to pay his insurance premium on time and the insurance policy was canceled prior to the accident.

Dell and Schaefer Attorneys immediately filed a lawsuit against the owner of the boat for injuries that our client sustained.

After a lengthy process, the owner of the vessel paid $50,000.00 (fifty thousand dollars) out of his own pocket to settle this injury claim.

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