55 year-old Hollywood woman develops mental health issues after auto accident

Attorney Jason MacriAuthor: Attorney Jason Macri

A 55 year-old Hollywood woman developed mental health issues as the result of an auto accident. She was headed west-bound on Hollywood Boulevard and was attempting to make a left hand turn onto Park road when she was struck by a vehicle that ran the red light headed east-bound on Hollywood Boulevard. Seconds later she was struck by a second vehicle which was traveling too close behind her as she made the turn. Witnesses observed that our client had a green turning arrow at the time of the accident and so it was determined that the driver of the east-bound vehicle ran a red light when he struck our client. He was ticketed by Hollywood PD for running a red light. The driver who struck our client from behind was also ticketed for following too closely as the driver should have been able to stop their vehicle instead of striking our client.

Hollywood auto accident victim taken to hospital on stretcher

After the accident, our client remained in her vehicle stunned by what happened. She felt immediate neck pain as the result of two separate impacts. The first impact was from the front, causing her head to whip backward and strike the headrest of her vehicle. The following impact was from behind, causing her head to then whip forward. Our client reported a feeling of vertigo as a result of the accident and couldn’t stand up on her own. She remained in her vehicle until paramedics arrived. The emergency technicians were able to remove her from her vehicle and place her on a stretcher. They then brought her to the hospital for emergency care.

55 year-old auto accident victim has scan of head at hospital

Our client arrived at the hospital by ambulance complaining of severe head and neck pain accompanied by a feeling of disorientation to time and space. She could not stand on her own and felt as if the room was spinning at all times. The doctors ordered a CT scan of her head which came back unremarkable. The doctors were of the opinion that nothing was physically wrong with her head and brain. They determined that there were no fractures to her skull and no obvious damage to the brain. Our client was discharged from the hospital and ordered to seek follow-up care for her neck issues. Dazed and confused, our client decided she would need the help of a lawyer to make sure her rights were protected. She hired the Law Office of Dell and Schaefer.

Attorneys Dell and Schaefer help accident victim seek justice

Our lawyers immediately notified all insurance companies involved that our client was seeking compensation for her damages. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that the driver who caused the second impact was uninsured. There was no coverage whatsoever. An investigation into the driver also revealed that he had no worthy assets and in the event that a judgment was levied against him, our client would essentially be unable to collect. The driver who was responsible for the first impact however, was insured. The only problem was that his insurance company tried to pass the blame of our client’s damages onto the driver of the second vehicle. Fed up with the irresponsible handling of the claim, our lawyers prepared to file suit against both negligent drivers.

Hollywood auto accident victim learns of mental health issues

In the meantime, our client was unable to get back to her normal self. She always felt as if her head was cloudy and that she could not think properly. She became increasingly more afraid of the world. It began to affect her relationships with her friends and loved ones. It got so bad that she was unable to leave her house out of fear that she would become injured further. She sought the help of a board certified therapist who referred her to a psychologist. Eventually, she was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among other mental health diagnosis. Her issues were clearly related to this accident as she hadn’t previously experienced such issues. Our attorneys, with the help of her treating doctors, were able to show that this auto accident had damaged her both physically and mentally.

Dell and Schaefer settles the case

Prior to filing suit, our lawyers presented the doctor’s findings to the insurance company for the first negligent driver. Though they tried to argue that our client’s issues were not the result of an auto accident, they could not fight the findings of her doctors. Eventually, an offer of settlement was made. Through negotiation, our lawyers were able to acheive a settlement which enabled our client to be compensated for her physical and mental injuries. Luckily, therapy has helped her recover. Though she continues to suffer from mental health issues, her life has been made better through therapy and medication.

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