$6,900,000 Settlement for Product Liability and Auto Accident

Our client, a 63 year old grandmother, was driving her vehicle at night when suddenly and unexpectantly a sailboat mast penetrated through the windshield of her car.

The mast which came through the windshield was stored on a boat trailer that was being towed by the owner of a 35 foot racing sailboat. Amazingly our client survived the accident however she sustained catastrophic injuries requiring multiple facial, brain, and eye surgeries.

Our litigation team immediately filed lawsuit against the owner of the sailboat, the driver that was towing the sailboat, the manufacturer of the sailboat and the manufacturer of the trailer for the sailboat.

After extensive litigation in Federal Court, we were able to prove that the design of the trailer and the positioning of the mast on the trailer were defective. Just prior to trial, the case was resolved for $6.9 million.

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