8 year-old Boynton Beach boy injured at daycare with no supervision

Attorney Jason MacriAuthor: Attorney Jason Macri

An 8 year-old Boynton Beach boy was injured at his daycare when another boy was pushed into him, knocking him to the ground. He struck his head on the ground, causing a two inch gash on his forehead. Unfortunately, the children were left unsupervised at the time, allowing them to begin pushing and shoving each-other and eventually leading to the boy’s injury. After falling, the boy got up, brushed himself off and began to cry. It wasn’t until several minutes later that the daycare staff realized there was a problem and responded to the boy’s cries for help. 911 was called and emergency technicians arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.

Boynton Beach boy rushed to hospital for head injury

The boy was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Emergency technicians at the hospital were able to treat his wound and close the gash with stitches. Luckily the ER doctors were able to determine that the boy suffered no damage to the brain. Though he was left with a 1 ½ inch scar on his forehead, he would require no further medical attention.

Boynton Beach mother calls Dell and Schaefer

The boy’s mother was obviously very upset about her son’s injury. She wanted to know why her son was not properly supervised and why he was allowed to become injured while at daycare. The daycare center employees were very dismissive about the situation. They refused to answer any of the Mother’s questions and were unconcerned with the boy’s health. They never even asked if he was doing ok after the fall. Upset with this treatment, the boy’s mother contacted the lawyers at the Law Office of Dell and Schaefer.

Dell and Schaefer investigates the case

Our lawyers were able to determine that supervision on that day was severely lacking. There were only two staff members on duty that day who were supposed to supervise over 45 children. This appeared to be an obvious case of negligent supervision. Our lawyers placed the daycare center on notice and began to prepare the case for a lawsuit.

Dell and Schaefer prepares for negligent supervision lawsuit

Though our client’s scar would be permanent, the lawyers for the daycare center argued that because there was no brain damage, our client was perfectly fine and did not suffer a significant injury. Our lawyers were unwilling to accept this position. We argued that even though our client was lucky enough to avoid a brain injury, he suffered a serious, painful gash to his head. Though the wound appeared to have healed well, he would be left with permanent scarring for life. Our lawyers decided the best way to get our client compensated would be to file a lawsuit.

Attorneys Dell and Schaefer settle the case

Though it appeared the only resolution to this matter would trial by jury, the Defense attorneys hired by the insurance company for the daycare center decided it would be best to make a fair offer of compensation. Our lawyers were able to negotiate a settlement which enabled payment of all medical bills and further enabled our client to become compensated for his injuries and pain and suffering. Our client’s mother was pleased with the results and was happy to learn that her young son would not become the subject of a lawsuit.

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