85 Year Old Suffers Leg Wound in Trip and Fall Accident and Settles for $90,000.00

Attorney Jay KanterAuthor: Attorney Jay Kanter

Our client was an elderly woman who was a guest at a Country Club Thanksgiving Dinner. Before the early seating guests finished dessert, the County Club ballroom became exceedingly crowded as most of the later seating guests arrived. As a result of the large crowd, our client could not see that a decorative lighting cube was kicked from under the table onto the ballroom floor. She tripped on the 10 inch metal cube, fell to the floor and suffered a large cut on her leg from the sharp edge on the metal cube. After being treated in the emergency room at a local hospital, our client had to undergo daily, then weekly wound care for the next 4 months. Thankfully, after extensive treatment, her wound healed well and she was able to resume her normal activities.

The insurance company for the Country Club initially denied responsibility and made a $15,000.00 nuisance offer to resolve the claim. A lawsuit was then filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, and the insurance company offered a $90,000.00 settlement to resolve the case. Our client thought this was a reasonable offer and settled her case without the need of protracted litigation.

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