96 year old woman trips over a clear lucite table at assisted living facility, fractures hip

Our client, a 96 year old Palm Beach County resident, was playing at the regular weekly bridge game at the assisted living facility at which she lived. She got up to get a glass of water, at which time she tripped and fell over a clear lucite table which the facility used for contestants to place drinks and other items on. She landed on her hip, which fractured and which ultimately required a hip replacement.

The law offices of Dell & Schaefer undertook representation of this client, and presented a claim against the facility for its failure to provide a safe environment for its residents. The facility denied the claim, resulting in our filing a lawsuit on our client’s behalf. The facility vigorously defended the claim, alleging that our client was negligent in failing to see the table. We undertook extensive discovery, and through depositions of other residents and employees, we were able to establish that the tables were unusually difficult to perceive, and that the use of such tables should not have been used in a facility where many of the residents had difficulty with vision and mobility. Having established the dangerous condition which was created by negligently providing nearly invisible tables for such elderly residents, we were able to negotiate a confidential settlement which provided compensation for our client to cover her pain and suffering, along with her outstanding medical bills.

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