A Hollywood, Florida woman has neck surgery after she slips on water in department store caused by a leaking roof. Slip and Fall Attorneys Dell & Schaefer obtain settlement of $175,000 for her

Hollywood Woman Injured After She Slips on Water From Leaking Roof

A 28-year-old woman from Hollywood, Florida was walking in a department store when she slipped and fell on a puddle of water in the aisle. Next to the puddle was a pail that was collecting water from a leak in the roof. After slipping and falling, she immediately began to suffer neck and back pain. She sought treatment with a chiropractor and underwent a lengthy course of chiropractic treatment. She had an MRI of her cervical spine that showed that she had a herniated disc in her neck. She was referred to an orthopedic surgeon who attempted to treat her with injections for her pain. When this proved unsuccessful, she then underwent surgery and had an artificial disc was implanted in her neck. This surgery was able to provide her with relief from many of the symptoms she was suffering.

Attorneys Dell And Schaefer Sue the Department Store

Hollywood slip and fall attorneys Dell & Schaefer were contacted to represent her in her claim against the department store. The department store refused to make any reasonable offer to compensate our client for her injuries. As a result, the file was turned over to Dell & Schaefer’s litigation department to prosecute the claim. Despite the protestations of the department store, it became apparent through the taking of discovery depositions that the store had an ongoing problem with roof leaks. We were able to get a store employee to state that every time it rained, the roof would leak and employees would need to place buckets around the store to catch the water.

Dell and Schaefer Obtains $175,000 Settlement for our Client

After many depositions and a lengthy mediation, the department store offered $175,000 to settle this claim. Many large stores will fight liability for slip and falls occurring in their stores, and it is usually necessary to file lawsuits against them in order to obtain compensation for injuries. However, when we are able to prove that the store was negligent, we can frequently convince them to pay for the injuries that resulted from the fall.

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