Accident Victim Initially Hires An Unqualified Attorney, but Receives Resolution from Attorneys Dell & Schaefer

Attorney Daniel VillalobosAuthor: Attorney Daniel Villalobos

Our client, a Cuban national who did not speak English, got into an automobile accident, while working one day. Our client was hit twice by two different cars. Fortunately he did not have a lot of injuries but he did go to the hospital.

He called an attorney in Miami based off a radio advertisement he heard. His attorney took the case and worked on it for 4 months. During the investigation with the old attorney, it was discovered that of the two cars that struck our client, one had insurance and one did not. The one who did not have insurance was 90% at fault for the accident, and the one who did have insurance was 10% at fault. The old attorney decided it wasn’t worth his time to pursue the case since the primary at fault party didn’t have insurance. He withdrew from the case and left our client helpless, with medical bills, and nowhere to turn.

Dell and Schaefer Found Insurance To Cover Our Client

Fortunately, a former client of our firm referred our firm to the client. Our firm looked at the case and came to the same conclusions as the old prior attorney… that the primary person at fault of the accident did not have insurance. However, we looked deeper into the insurance coverages available. Our client informed us that he was working for a ride sharing company (such as Uber or LYFT) at the time of the accident. Ride sharing companies typically carry a one million dollar uninsured motorist coverage on their insurance policies that cover their drivers for injuries in the event that an at fault driver has no insurance. The old attorney was unaware of this information so he never looked into it.

Dell and Schaefer Negotiate A Settlement

After our firm received the policy of insurance from the ride sharing company, we did confirm that there was a million dollar policy available for injuries to our client. Our firm filed a bodily injury claim against the insurance companies for both cars. We filed a bodily injury claim against the 10% fault driver and recovered $5,500. We then filed an uninsured motorist claim with the ride sharing companies uninsured motorist policy and recovered an additional $20,000 for our client. Our client was so happy to get $25,500 in an accident that another attorney dropped simply because the old attorney did not know and did not think to check into the ride sharing companies insurance coverages.

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