Attorneys Dell & Schaefer Help Port St. Lucie Woman Recover $205,000 After Tripping Over Parking Bumper

A 38 year old Pt. St. Lucie woman was leaving the office building where she worked, at approximately 8:00 p.m., when she tripped over a parking bumper in the parking lot. She claimed that she was unable to see the parking bumper. It turned out that the owner of the office building was upset that cars would pull up to the parking bumpers, getting them dirty. He therefore had the parking bumpers painted black for approx. one foot on each end. Therefore, as our client walked past a car that had only the ends of the parking bumper sticking out, she was unable to see the blackened portions which matched the color of the ground.

Our client sustained injuries to her neck and back. Shortly after the accident, she sought treatment with a chiropractor, who gave her a course of physical therapy and other chiropractic treatment. Not seeing any improvement, she was seen by an orthopedic surgeon, who ordered MRIs. These tests showed herniated discs in her neck and back. The doctor determined that our client’s only hope of getting better was surgery. As a result, our client ultimately underwent a fusion involving a plate and screws in her neck. This was followed by a lengthy course of physical therapy.

Defendant’s Insurance Company Denies Claim, our client hires Dell & Schaefer to represent her

The insurance company for the building denied liability, claiming the accident was our client’s fault because she wasn’t being careful. Not having any satisfaction from the Defendant, our client hired Port St. Lucie accident attorneys Dell & Schaefer to take on the insurance company.

Our litigation department filed a lawsuit against the Defendant and took numerous depositions in this case. Under oath, the owner of the building testified that it was his idea to paint the parking bumpers, and that he had never seen any other parking bumper painted in this manner. We hired an engineering expert that testified that painting the bumpers in this way created a hazardous condition, putting pedestrians at risk.

Dell and Schaefer Obtains $205,000 following Initial Denial by Insurance Company

Through discovery, it became clear that the building was negligent, resulting in our client’s injuries. Thus, the Defendant’s insurance company was forced to resolve the case, and we were able to obtain a settlement of $205,000 on behalf of our client.

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