Attorneys Dell & Schaefer pursue negligence claims against Publix and other supermarkets throughout Florida; leaking freezers, misplaced mats, and items left on floors result in severe injuries

Publix is the most popular supermarket in Florida, and despite its usual good quality control, many accidents occur due to negligence of store employees. Frequent causes of accidents include leaking freezer cases, items dropped on the floor which are not cleaned in a timely manner, and mats which are not properly placed or which become folded creating a tripping hazard. Accidents caused by such hazards can result in severe injuries, including fractures and spinal injuries.

Most Publix stores have surveillance cameras which cover most of the aisles. Publix uses these cameras to defend against claims which they believe are fraudulent; however, these cameras can also provide very powerful evidence in establishing the negligence of the store. Because of the existence of these cameras, it is very important that someone who is injured in a Publix give an accurate and truthful account of the facts of the case. Any discrepancies between the injured person’s story and what is shown in the video can significantly affect the credibility of the Plaintiff.

If you are injured in a Publix, you should immediately notify store personnel, describe accurately how the accident occurred, and point out the defect which caused the accident. You should also seek medical attention for any injuries which occur as a result of the accident. You must also be aware that any statements that you give to Publix, both at the scene and subsequently to store representatives can be used against you in any litigation that stems from the accident.

Attorneys Dell & Schaefer aggressively pursues claims against Publix and all other supermarkets and retail chains. We handle these cases throughout the State of Florida, and when we are unable to obtain adequate settlement results, we file lawsuits and do extensive discovery, including obtaining the surveillance videos, to establish negligence on behalf of the store.

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