Automobile Accident Resolves For Policy Limits After One Day

Attorney Daniel VillalobosAuthor: Attorney Daniel Villalobos

Victim Gets Into Accident While Riding A Scooter

Did you know that it is possible for a case to settle for the policy limits immediately after getting into an accident? Read this blog to find out how!

Our client was riding his motorcycle and stopped upon a red light. Suddenly, and without warning, he was hit from behind. Since he was on a motorcycle, he was instantly thrown off the motorcycle and hit the pavement. He suffered serious injuries to his neck, back and knee.

Client Was Transported To The Hospital

After the accident, he was transported to a nearby hospital. The emergency room physician diagnosed our client with blunt trauma to his head, neck, back and knees. After undergoing X-rays and CT Scans in the hospital, the emergency room doctor decided it was necessary to perform knee surgery immediately to repair the torn ligaments. The treating physician recommended that our client undergo physical therapy with a local chiropractor.

Dell and Schaefer Negotiate A Quick Settlement

Immediately after our client was released from the hospital, our firm filed a bodily injury claim against GEICO, the tortfeasor’s insurance company. Our firm informed them verbally that our client underwent surgery to his knee. The tortfeasor had a policy of insurance that was not small but not big either. Due to the confidentiality agreement in the settlement our firm is unable to disclose the policy amount to the public. However, our firm demanded that GEICO tender out the policy limits immediately. GEICO initially resisted our demand saying they wanted to investigate the claim first before making any payments. Our firm drafted up a lawsuit and sent them a courtesy copy informing them that if they did not make an immediate tender that our firm would seek millions of dollars in damages for acting in bad faith in the resolution of an automobile claim for which they had a duty to resolve in a timely manner. GEICO immediately backtracked on their statement and tendered our client the policy limits. Our firm had the case for less than 24 hours and we settled the case for the policy limits.

Our client was absolutely thrilled that we were able to resolve a case immediately and not drag it on for years as many other law firms would have done.

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