Broward man settles his truck crash case for $275,000.00

Attorney Jason MacriAuthor: Attorney Jason Macri

A 45 year-old Broward man filed a lawsuit against a driver of a medical transport truck as well as the driver’s employer. Our client had just gotten off of work and was on his way home when he was rear-ended by the driver of a medical transport truck who was apparently in a rush to drop off his last set of passengers before getting off of work himself. The driver’s sole job was to pick up and drop off patients to and from their doctor’s appointments. His employer was a medical facility who provided transportation to the patients. During his deposition, the at-fault driver admitted that he had been working all day and that he was finally dropping off his last set of passengers at the time of the crash. He essentially admitted that he wasn’t paying attention when he rear-ended our client. 

Though the crash did not cause a huge amount of visible property damage, our client was badly injured. His lower back was injured at multiple levels and eventually needed a serious surgery which required the insertion of plates and screws into his spine. We initially demanded that the insurance company for the driver and his employer reimburse our client for all of his damages but the insurance company claimed to not be able to understand how our client was so badly injured in a crash that caused such a minimal amount of visible property damage. We had no choice but to sue the driver and his employer.

Though the insurance company for both Defendants initially claimed to not understand how our client was so badly injured in this crash, they eventually got the point and offered our client $275,000.00 to settle his case. This settlement enabled our client to pay all outstanding expenses related to the crash and also receive compensation for his pain and suffering and future expenses. If you or a loved-one were injured in any type of crash, call the Law Office of Dell & Schaefer. Our injury lawyers have decades of experience fighting Defendants and insurance companies on behalf of the people and will ensure that all of your recovery rights are well preserved.

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