Carnival Triumph Accident Offer of $500 is Unacceptable

In the days following the disastrous Carnival Triumph cruise, stories of overflowing sewage, inadequate security, long lines for food, and passengers sleeping on the decks are now all too frequent. As the powerless Carnival Triumph drifted for days, the 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crewmembers were stranded without hot water, working toilets and limited to no electricity. According to Carnival Cruise Lines, all guests will receive a full refund of the cruise and transportation costs, a future cruise credit, reimbursement of some ship purchases and further compensation of $500 per person. Miami Cruise Accident Attorney Craig Dell said, “This offer is an insult to the intelligence of the passengers and crewmembers of the Carnival Triumph.”

Carnival Cruise Lines owns the Carnival Triumph, and the company is incorporated in Panama. Their headquarters are based in Miami, but the ships fly under the Bahamian flag.

“This sort of complex entity formation is nothing unusual in the cruise line industry and, for years, Dell & Schaefer has been crafting creative, outside-the-box approaches to getting around the layers of protection implemented by the popular cruise lines,” said attorney Dennis Schaefer. “The disaster which occurred on Carnival Triumph will be no different. We will do whatever it takes to get justice for the victims of the Carnival Triumph debacle.”

Carnival Will Argue That the Passenger Ticket Limits Damage Claims That Have No Physical Injury

Dell added: “The ticket has seven pages of print that requires a magnifying glass to go through. You have to get to paragraph 11 to learn about liability where it basically says that if you have physical injury or you were in a situation with the possibility of physical injury, then you have a claim; otherwise go fish.

The main question is how will the courts determine physical injury, and that is where Dell & Schaefer’s 33 years of experience will come in to battle against Carnival.

Carnival Cruise Lines failed to place a seaworthy vessel in the stream of commerce causing multiple passengers to suffer physical and emotional harm including loss of enjoyment of life, nervousness and anxiety,” Schaefer said.

Attorneys Dell & Schaefer have a team of lawyers and staff ready to assist passengers that were victims of the horrible events that took place at sea. The firm never charges any fees or costs unless they recover damages. The firm can be reached at any time by calling (954) 620-8300.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013
M/M J Joyce:

We are Carnival cruisers, 55 cruises with 2 more to go and find Carnival very fair to their passengers. Get your stories straight: Carnival is giving back the price of the cruise plus free transportation to their home, plus $500 towards any cruise they may take in the future. What else do these greedy people and greedy lawyers want? To make a name for themselves? Yes, read the whole page regarding the do’s and dont’s – what Carnival is responsible for – and you need a magnifying glass to read it. It just need a brain. If anyone of you bright lawyers have traveled you should know things happen, that’s life, and if you cant understand it, stay home. You know, lawyers, you are going to lose and you are going to ruin it for your greedy clients because of the suit. They will now get nada, understand? People like you make us sick. Oh yes, lawyers, check the rules of international law – this governs everything, not the law of the USA, get it? Irene and John Joyce.

Friday, February 22, 2013
M/M J Joyce:

I see you guys have not got your stories straight yet. The $500 you talk about is only one item Carnival is giving to the passengers. They are, for the second time we are telling you sisters, they are picking up the entire cruise ticket, plus any expenses the passenger encountered on board with their sail and sign card, plus free transportation to their respective home, plus the $500, plus a big discount on any further discounts. Now, since you guys are in the picture and the case is dismissed, no injury encountered, the passenger will get nada, get that thru your heads. This type of action is what gives lawyers a very bad name and the passenger is greedy. And don’t forget you are dealing with maritime law not USA law, get that thru your heads.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Attorney Greg Dell:

Mr. and Mrs. Joyce,

Thank you for comments about your Carnival Triumph cruise. We are glad to hear that you were treated fairly. Unfortunately there were almost 4,000 people on the ship and there were some people that suffered injuries as a result of the incident that took place. “Things happen” everyday as you have suggested and when Things Happen and a person gets injured due to someone else’s fault, then we are here to help them. Before you make public statements about lawyers and the law that applies to this Carnival Cruise, you may want to read the documents you signed prior to cruising. If anyone suffered a physical injury on the Triumph, then they have a right to seek compensation that far exceeds the $500, the cruise refund and the free transportation. Anyone who chooses not to file a claim with Carnival, which must be done within 180 days, can still accept Carnival’s offer. The filing of a lawsuit will have no impact on any of the other passengers.

Our justice system is fair and it works to prevent any fraudulent claims. Carnival has gone to great lengths to strip the constitutional rights to recovery for injuries that Carnival attempts to have passengers sign away. This is not about Carnival being nice or fair. This is about a large corporation that did not want to lose millions of dollars by cancelling a cruise that had documented engine problems. This is about a company that endangered the lives of 4,000 people by putting profits before people. We are glad that you enjoyed your cruise and have a “life happens” attitude, but a customer is entitled to higher level of safety and service.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I could not tell from the Joyce’s comments if they were actually on the Triumph. If they were, I’m glad they had no incident that made them jaded to cruising. That said, I was on the ship. I don’t have the words to describe the physical, emotional and mental affect it had on me. I did just take the offer Carnival gave since I did read the fine print on my ticket and knew what I was getting into. I will never cruise again. You are at the mercy of the cruise lines and they employ no US citizens. My one advice is that all passengers should have a passport. I know they are not required on some ships but if there is an incident it would help to be able to port somewhere else. My last remark is that I believe that the Triumph incident could have been avoided. I believe there are documents that exist that prove Carnival knew that ship was faulty and didn’t take the proper steps to avoid it. The money, not the passengers, are more important to them.

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