Construction Accidents Can Be Very Difficult

Our client was a day laborer, hired by a general contractor for simple cleanup work. The construction project was an under roof horse riding arena. There were numerous sub-contractors working at the arena. Our client hired from a day labor company was responsible for keeping the construction project as clean and clear of debris as possible. He had been working at the construction site for several weeks.

The roofing company had placed many of the roof trusses in place. There existed very specific instructions as to how and when the trusses were to be secured. Apparently little attention was given to the written instructions. The roof trusses were put in place, but never properly secured.

Our client, the morning after some of the roof trusses were put in place, began his usual job of cleaning up the construction site. On this particular day it was quite windy outside. While our client was cleaning underneath the unsecured roof trusses, the wind dislodged one or more of the roof trusses and they fell from high above the ground where our client was working. Our client was struck by the falling roof trusses. Our client was paralyzed from the neck down.

Immediately the battle of responsibility began. Many subcontractors pointing fingers at the other subcontractors, and everyone relying upon the workers compensation law to try and shield their own personal or business liability. The case was a legal quagmire. It was a struggle that never wanted to end.

However, after years of legal battles and hundreds of hours of time, a favorable resolution was reached for our extraordinarily injured client. This was one of those cases in a legal career that made all of the effort worth while. Dell & Schaefer was able to significantly help an terribly injured client.

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