Coral Springs, Florida woman gets cervical fusion as a result of teenage girl running a stop sign; Dell & Schaefer recovers $290,000 in uninsured motorist benefits

Our client, a 51 year old woman from Coral Springs, Florida was driving down the street when a 16 year old girl ran a stop sign exiting a mall, resulting in our client broadsiding the girl’s car. As a result of the accident, our client began to suffer neck pain, which worsened over time. She sought medical attention from numerous doctors, and had years of conservative treatment, including injections and physical therapy, with no relief. Ultimately after 5 years of treatment, it was determined that the only way for her to obtain any relief was to undergo a cervical fusion, involving the placement of metal screws and plates in her neck.

Our client hired Dell & Schaefer to help her obtain compensation for her injuries. The other driver only had a $10,000 policy, which was offered almost immediately by the girl’s insurance company. Luckily, our client had an uninsured/underinsured policy with State Farm, to protect her if she was injured by someone with insufficient coverage. A lawsuit was filed against State Farm, who contended that somehow our client was partially responsible for the accident and that the surgery was unnecessary or the result of a pre-existing condition in her neck. After extensive discovery and mediation, we were able to get State Farm to pay $290,000 to our client.

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