Couple Killed in Tampa Truck Accident

A couple was killed in a Tampa truck accident on June 13, according to the Bradenton Herald. The victims were involved in a 6-vehicle accident on U.S. Highway 98 in Manatee County, south of Tampa as they were headed up to the Florida Panhandle for a vacation.

The accident, which remains under investigation, occurred near the main entrance of Eglin Air Force Base. A box truck rear-ended the Graetzer’s Honda Element as they sat in stalled traffic. Six others were injured in the accident.

One victim was the former CEO of the National Fluid Milk Processor Education Program, which was famous for its “Got Milk?” advertising campaign featuring celebrities with milk mustaches. Pamela ran her own public relations firm and spent much of her free time volunteering at the Children’s Academy of Southwest Florida.

The accident investigation will hopefully shed some light on this accident. Why was the truck driver unable to see the stopped traffic in time on a highway? Investigators may subpoena the driver’s phone records to see if this may be a case of distracted driving.

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