Dangers from a Trailer Hauling Cargo

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

Whenever driving behind a vehicle pulling trailer be careful. There are very specific Florida State Statutes that govern the kinds of things that can be hauled and how those things can be hauled. In most cases requirements for flags and warning lights are necessary to comply with the law. Just because a truck or trailer seems to be from a big commercial company doesn’t mean they are complying with the law. Frequently the smaller less sophisticated hauling companies are in violation of one or more laws.

Dell & Schaefer has handled many of these types of cases. Our experience in handling truck hauling cases is quite varied. Often these cases have very significant injuries, caused by the failure of the hauler to comply with the law. Poorly marked cargo loads can cause a following car to overact and sometimes even slam into the cargo. Improperly loaded cargo can cause items to fall off the trailer or become dangerous extensions from the trailer.

Our client was left totally blind from one such accident. A pickup truck pulling a trailer loaded with a racing speed boat, with its mast mounted horizontally on its hull caused the horrible accident. The mast extended well beyond the back of the trailer. As a result, when the pickup turned left, followed by the trailer, the extended mast draped over the adjacent lane of traffic. Our client ran into the mast.

The mast broke through her windshield, into her head. She was left blind with many other associated injuries. Dell & Schaefer was able to recover from the driver of the pickup, the owner of the pickup, our clients underinsured motorist coverage, the manufacturer of the boat and the manufacturer of the trailer for the boat.

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