Dania Slip & Fall Lawyers Dell & Schaefer Settle Case for $12,000 In Spite of Lack of Corroborating Evidence

When you are injured in a slip & fall accident, there may not be any corroborating evidence to confirm your testimony. That is, there may not be any other witnesses who saw the accident. There also may be no photographic or video evidence of the existence of the substance on the ground that caused you to fall.

Nevertheless, don’t automatically assume that you won’t be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit. Oftentimes, your word can be enough. If your story is convincing enough, you may still be able to recover compensation for your injuries. The story below illustrates the point.

Dania Slip & Fall Accident Leads to Hip Injury

Our client was an eighty-one-year-old man. At the time of his accident, he had just finished shopping in a Publix grocery store. After purchasing his items, our client stepped on to a scale located at the front of the Publix in order to weigh himself. Unfortunately, as our client was stepping off of the scale, he slipped on water that was located on the floor in the store next to the scale. Our client crashed to the ground and badly injured his hip.

Following the accident, our client was transported to the emergency room at a local hospital. The ER Doctors ordered MRI’s of our client’s hip, and the MRI’s revealed that our client had fractured his hip. Based on the MRI results, the Doctors recommended and immediately performed an emergency surgery on our client’s hip. This was clearly a very traumatic day for our client.

After being discharged from the hospital days later, our client began to undergo physical therapy for his hip. He was forced to go to the physical therapy clinic multiple times a week for several months. This took a tremendous toll on our client’s life.

Dania Slip & Fall Accident Law Firm Dell & Schaefer Settles Case for $12,000

Following the physical therapy, our client initially feared that he might not be able to sue. After all, there was no corroborating evidence of his story. For example, no witnesses actually saw the fall. There was also no corroborating photographic or video evidence that there was water on the floor (in fact, Publix employees claimed they saw no such water).

Nevertheless, our client made the wise decision to contact the Dania Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers at Dell & Schaefer. We took the case, filed a lawsuit, and argued that the water probably came from mopping that had been done in the store earlier that day. Each day, employees at Publix mopped the floor. In all probability, we argued, the mopping done in the store the day of our client’s fall left a thin coat of water that caused our client’s accident.

We also argued that our client was an elderly man. For elderly people, a hip injury is an extremely serious injury. The lack of mobility caused by such an injury can quicken the aging process. This was certainly true for our client. His injury severely decreased his activity level, and this took a toll on his total health.

These arguments helped us to settle our client’s case for $12,000. Our client was satisfied with the result. Whereas he had once feared that he wouldn’t be able to pursue a case due to the lack of corroborating evidence, he now had a $12,000 settlement.

If you are injured in an accident with very little or no corroborating evidence, don’t fret. Contact the Dania Slip & Fall Lawyers at Dell & Schaefer. We will get you the compensation you deserve.


Monday, April 13, 2015
Matilda Lytle:

That is exactly what happened to me in Safeway. I Had no didn’t know where to find the witnesses afterwards. They offered $200.00. which I finally accepted because I felt that I had no other choice because I had been out of work for so long. I have stacked hospital bills and therapy bills. I wished I had read this a year ago because I still experience some nerve sensation at times in that leg.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Jason Macri:


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