Davie Accident Attorneys Dell & Schaefer Settle Case for $600,000 In Spite of Loose Debris Being Involved in Accident

When you are in an accident involving loose debris in the roadway, you may initially fear that you won’t be able to sue. After all, you may worry that there will be no way to prove who or what caused the accident.

Nevertheless, if you are involved in such an accident, don’t fret. You can still pursue a case. An experienced and skilled personal injury attorney will be able to conduct a thorough investigation and pursue a successful case against the proper defendant.

Davie Car Accident Causes Neck and Back Injuries

Our client was the 60-year-old grandfather of several young grand-children. At the time of his accident, he was driving down I-75 in Davie, Florida. Immediately before his accident, our client noticed that there was a ladder located in the roadway ahead of his vehicle. Around the same time, other vehicles on I-75 began to slow down. To avoid rear-ending these vehicles, our client slowed his own vehicle.

Unfortunately, the truck located behind our client’s vehicle failed to do the same. The truck collided with our client’s vehicle and badly hurt our client. Our client injured his neck and back.

After the accident, our client went immediately to a medical facility in the area. The following day, our client was in the office of a local chiropractor. The chiropractor performed a physical examination, ordered x-rays of our client’s neck and back and prescribed a strict regimen of physical therapy. Our client was forced to go to the office of the chiropractor multiple times a week for several weeks.

When our client didn’t get any better, he was referred to an orthopedic surgeon in the area. The orthopedic surgeon ordered MRI’s of our client’s neck and back. Based on the results of the MRI’s (herniated discs in both our client’s neck and back), the surgeon recommended immediate surgery. The surgeon performed a fusion procedure on our client’s neck and back.

Davie Car Accident Law Firm Dell and Schaefer Settles Case for $600,000

Following his accident, our client initially feared that he wouldn’t be able to pursue a successful case. After all, our client knew that the reason he had slowed his car was the ladder located in the roadway. If he sued the driver who rear-ended him, our client worried, the other driver might argue that it was the vehicle that dropped the ladder that really caused the accident.

Nevertheless, fortunately our client contacted the Davie Car Accident Lawyers at Dell & Schaefer. We filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client. We argued that the driver who rear-ended our client had the same ability to see the ladder at the time of the accident as our client. That is, our client saw the ladder and slowed down; why didn’t the driver who rear-ended our client do the same?

We also argued that our client was an extremely active person before the accident. He played many sports recreationally with his friends. Our client would play golf, tennis, basketball, soccer and baseball multiple times a week. Our client likewise participated in many sports leagues. After the accident, these activities became impossible for our client. Unfortunately, our client was relegated to a life where he was essentially stuck in bed for most of the day. This lifestyle predictably took its toll on our client mentally, and he became severely depressed.

These arguments allowed us to settle our client’s case for $600,000. Our client was happy with the result. Whereas he initially worried that the accident might be blamed on the ladder in the roadway, he now had a $600,000 settlement.

If you are in an accident involving loose debris in the roadway, don’t immediately think that you won’t be able to sue. Contact the Davie Car Accident Attorneys at Dell & Schaefer. We will get you the compensation you deserve.

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