Dell and Schaefer Takes Tough Cases

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

Some personal injury cases are easy. In those cases, which are far and few between good results can be achieved without many obstacles or road blocks. However the “tough” case is a different story. Difficulty in a case can come from many different areas.

Tough cases can come from questionable or hard to prove liability. Tough cases can be caused by injuries that are repetitive from past accidents or injuries, or are hard to specifically relate to the accident at hand. Tough cases can also be because of legal or contractual issues, not factual proof issues.

The important fact to know is that Dell and Schaefer will never shy away from a tough case. Every case will be given a thorough review. If the case exists that is tough, all of the details and reasons for its labeling as tough will be discussed with the client. It is our mission to educate the client as to what makes a case winnable or not. Let Dell and Schaefer help you with your tough case, we are not afraid.

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