Dell & Schaefer obtain $75,000 for injured Ft. Lauderdale woman

92-year-old woman falls over misplaced parking bumper

Our client, a 92-year-old woman from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was at a shopping plaza one evening with her son doing grocery shopping. They returned to their car in the parking lot, which was under a light pole in the middle of the parking lot. She was moving the empty cart to the area of the pole when she tripped over the parking bumper that was protruding from the front of the car. She fell, fracturing the C1 vertebrae in her neck. She was taken to the hospital, where she spent a number of weeks. Surgery was not performed because of her advanced age. Unfortunately, four months later she died of unrelated causes.

Attorneys Dell & Schaefer make a claim against the shopping plaza

Our client’s son came to Ft. Lauderdale accident attorneys Dell & Schaefer to handle a claim on behalf of his mother. Our investigation of the scene revealed a very unusual arrangement of the parking bumpers. The plaza had placed parking bumpers only at the four spaces immediately surrounding the light pole; all the other spaces had no parking bumpers. Therefore, anyone standing at the light pole and looking around would not see any parking bumpers throughout the parking lot and would therefore not be put on notice to look out for these hazards.

Dell and Schaefer obtains $75,000 for our client

The insurance coverage initially resisted the claim, alleging that the condition was safe and that it was our client’s fault for not seeing the parking bumper. However, after protracted discussions and negotiations, we were able to get the insurance company to pay $75,000 to our client’s estate in settlement of the claim.

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