Dell & Schaefer recover $170,000 for Vero slip and fall victim

Our client, a 65-year-old woman from Vero Beach, Florida was employed by a company to pick up blood work from doctors’ offices. She went to do a pickup at an office complex in Belle Glade, Florida. As she approached the doorway of the office, the door swung open, causing her to step back into the plant bed. Unfortunately, all the mulch had washed away over time, leaving a 6-inch drop to the dirt surface. This resulted in her falling onto the sidewalk. Over the next weeks, her back began to hurt, and she followed up with an orthopedic surgeon who had her undergo an MRI of her low back. The MRI showed herniated discs in her lumbar spine. Eventually, she came under the care of a neurosurgeon that performed a lumbar fusion on her low back.

Attorneys Dell And Schaefer sues the owner of the office complex

Vero Beach accident attorneys Dell & Schaefer were hired by our client in an effort to obtain compensation for her injuries. The insurance company for the office complex refused to make any offer, claiming that the condition was not dangerous and that our client should have seen the condition as it was open and obvious. As a result, the file was turned over to Dell & Schaefer’s litigation department to prosecute the claim.

Dell and Schaefer Obtains $170,000 for our client

We located and hired a landscaping expert to examine the site, and he determined that the condition was in fact dangerous. He stated that the lack of mulch created a hazardous condition for people walking in the area. The defense then added an additional argument that our client’s back condition was the result of pre-existing degeneration in her spine. After many depositions and a lengthy mediation, the insurance company for the property owner offered $170,000 to settle this claim.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015
Richard Brinkley:

My wife was in the hospital and got out of bed and fell and fractured her pelvic. This happened on the 4th of this month. The hospital had her transfired to Atlantic Rehab on Friday afternoon.

Monday, March 9, 2015
Jason Macri:


We are sorry to hear about what happened to your wife. What caused her to fall? Was there something on the floor? Please call us so that we can let you know how we can help.

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