Dolphins Stadium Lawsuit Filed By Florida Injury Attorney Results In Settlement

Our client, a 17 year old girl from Port St. Lucie, Florida, was attending a Florida Marlins game at Dolphins Stadium. She never expected that a trip to the stadium would result in a major back injury requiring surgery. It was her first time at the stadium, and she was there with numerous friends and family members who had tickets which they had won on a radio station promotion. The seats were in the pool area down the first base line. In order to get to the seats, the group had to walk through the bowels of the stadium, emerging just behind the bullpen. At the top of the stairs was a moveable barricade. Our client backed into the barricade, which tumbled over, causing her to fall to the ground.

Accident results in significant medical treatment, including surgery

Shortly after the accident, our client sought medical treatment from an orthopedic surgeon and she began a course of physical therapy. Our client was a terrific high school athlete, who could no longer play softball and golf, making her dream of college scholarship impossible. Due to the increased pain in her low back, she was sent for an MRI, which revealed 2 disc protrusions. It was ultimately determined that surgery would be necessary, and our client had to undergo arthroscopic surgery on her low back to remove the disk protrusions.

Attorneys Dell And Schaefer retained to sue Dolphin Stadium obtain settlement for injured girl

Our client’s parents contacted Attorneys Dell & Schaefer to handle her claim against the stadium to recover for her damages. The stadium, through its attorneys, argued that our client was herself negligent in leaning against the barricade and that her injuries were pre-existing due to prior sports injuries. Through discovery, and numerous depositions, attorneys in our litigation division were able to establish negligence on the part of the stadium and the causation between the accident and the injuries. After mediation, and shortly before trial, the stadium’s insurance company realized they had no alternative but to settle the claim, at which time a confidential settlement was worked out between the parties.

Injuries at sporting events can result in recovery

Many people believe that the waivers on the back of sporting event tickets make it impossible to sue the venue for injuries. This case illustrates that recovery can be made. The venue may be immune from claims related to reasonable risks, such as being struck by a foul ball; however they can be held responsible for their negligence, just like any other property owner.

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