Driver Cited in Tampa Truck Accident

A truck driver was cited for running a red light and causing a truck accident in Tampa on May 11, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Thomas Jonovitch, 69, ran through a red light after exiting Interstate 75, onto Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. Jonovitch told investigators he mistakenly believed he was still on an extension of the interstate and therefore did not believe he had to stop at the light. Realizing his mistake, Jonovitch slammed on his brakes before colliding with three vehicles and eventually overturning.

The drivers of the three vehicles were taken to hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. Two of the vehicles were dragged through the intersection underneath the rig before it overturned. The estimated cost of the accident is approximately $100,000.

This is a horrifying example of how a slight error on the part of a truck driver can put dozens of motorists and passengers at risk. Although this accident appears to be caused by driver error, a full investigation will be necessary to determine exactly what happened. Brake and tire manufacturers, trucking companies, truck owners and sometimes municipalities can be liable for truck accidents. Please contact our firm today for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been injured.

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