Driver Looking Down At Cell Phone Rear-Ends Another Vehicle

Attorney Jay KanterAuthor: Attorney Jay Kanter

Our client is a 55 year old nurse who was involved in a car accident in West Palm Beach, Florida. She had stopped for traffic ahead when she was rear-ended by another vehicle, whose driver admitted to looking down at her phone, causing her to react too late.

As a result of this accident, our client sustained injuries to her neck and back. She went to the emergency room for treatment the night of the accident and followed up with her doctor the following day. Our client was prescribed a short course of treatment and therapy which continued for almost 3 months. A lumbar MRI revealed that our client had a bulging disk in her lower back. Additionally, our client was unable to work for 5 days following the accident. Eighty percent of all medical bills incurred were paid promptly by our client’s no fault insurance, in addition to 60% of her lost wages.

After completing her course of treatment and therapy, Dell & Schaefer gathered all hospital, medical and physical therapy records, together with the lost wage documentation. The case was prepared and submitted to the insurance company for the at fault driver. Within 30 days of receiving the medical specials documenting our client’s injuries and out of pocket expenses, the insurance company tendered their policy limit to settle the case.

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