Florida Injury Lawyer: FHP Investigating Fort Pierce Truck Accident

The Florida Highway Patrol is searching for a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run Fort Pierce truck accident that killed two people. On October 7, two people were pulled over on Florida’s Turnpike changing a tire on their PT Cruiser around 8 p.m., when a man hit both victims with his tractor-trailer. The two victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities have identified the truck responsible for the accident as a 2006 Peterbuilt tractor-trailer. FHP investigators have not yet found the person of interest, but they have spoken with representatives of the company that is the registered owner of the truck.

Both victims were students at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind and were engaged.

When truck drivers are negligent or reckless on Florida roads, serious catastrophic injuries and death can occur. Large trucks are not able to stop as quickly as smaller motor vehicles and often do not have a quick-enough reaction time to avoid collisions. Truck drivers are also legally required to follow regulations the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has set in place to keep them from being distracted or tired while driving, but often these rules are overlooked. Driver fatigue is a major cause of Florida truck accidents, as well as driver distraction, high speeds, exceeding maximum loads and negligent hiring on behalf of trucking companies.

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