Florida Injury Lawyer: Tallahassee Truck Accidents Due to Winter Weather

As icy rain plagues our state, particularly the panhandle, it is important to be extra aware on the road to avoid Tallahassee truck accidents due to increasingly dangerous winter weather. Devastating storms like Winter Storm Boreas that have been wrecking the West Coast are now moving across the U.S. this holiday season, and Florida is expected to get some of the heaviest rains in the South. Travel has become dangerous, and adverse weather conditions create a recipe for disaster throughout Florida for truck accidents. Temperatures are expected to drop about 15 degrees below normal, which could cause snow and icy roads. The heavy rains could turn into freezing rain. So far, Boreas has been blamed for at least 14 deaths across the U.S.

The panhandle of Florida was under a tornado warning November 26 due to the storm. Tallahassee had a freeze watch the week of Thanksgiving due to rain and freezing temperatures. According to The Weather Channel’s winter weather expert Tom Niziol, by the time the storm is over, more than 32 states and 200 million people will have been affected.

According to Airlines for America, 90 percent of travelers for the Thanksgiving holiday will be driving and an estimate of 38.9 million people are expected to drive more than 50 miles from their homes.

Adverse weather conditions increase the chances of being involved in a Florida truck accident. Stressful road conditions that provide limited visibility in heavy rains or snow contributes to a large percentage of trucking accidents. Drivers of these large commercial vehicles already have decreased visibility due to their size. Though truck drivers should exercise extreme caution during bad weather, they do not always do so and serious, sometimes fatal, accidents can occur.

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