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24 year-old Florida man eaten alive by bed bugs

A 24 year-old Miami man awoke one morning to the feeling of being eaten alive. He turned on his bedside lamp, looked down at his body and saw thousands of little bugs feeding on his flesh. He jumped out of his bed and began to swat at all of the bugs on his body. He swatted himself so many times that the majority of his body was flush red. He immediately ran into his bathroom and jumped into the shower. He described that shower as the longest shower he has taken in his life.

Florida Bed Bug victim attempts to locate the source of his problem

After getting out of the shower and toweling off, the man began to look around his apartment to determine the source of the bugs. He had no idea what type of bugs these were or where they could’ve come from. He assumed they were red ants due to the painful bites he received. At that point, he had never heard of bed bugs and never assumed there would be any bed bugs in his apartment. He considered himself a very hygienic person and cleaned his apartment regularly. He was bewildered as to how an infestation of any type of bug could have occurred in his apartment. After looking around his apartment for a few minutes, he decided to look under his mattress. He lifted up the corner of the mattress and was shocked by what he saw. Thousands of what appeared to be small black bugs nesting in the corners of his mattress. He was disgusted by this site. He immediately left his apartment and went down to the management office to report his findings.

Bed bug victim files complaint with apartment complex

Our client went down to the management office of his apartment complex and complained of the bugs he found. He was immediately told these bugs were bed bugs and that he must’ve brought them into his apartment, creating an infestation. He was perplexed by this accusation. He researched the topic of bed bugs and realized that it could not have been his fault. He had not gone out of town in a very long time and had no visitors. He had not bought any used furniture and had not brought any items into his apartment which could have contained the bugs. He also could not understand why the management office would accuse him of wrongdoing before conducting any inspection whatsoever.

Florida bed beg victim hires an exterminator

The management office for the apartment complex notified our client that they would have an exterminator come into his apartment in an effort to get rid of the bed bugs. Suspicious of management’s activities, our client decided to hire an exterminator of his own. Our client’s exterminator arrived that same day to help rid the apartment of the bugs. The exterminator made a very disturbing find. He found that the bugs were, in fact, bed bugs. He also found that the bugs were present in almost every area of the apartment. He found the bugs in both of our client’s mattresses, in the corners of the apartment under the carpet, in his closet and in some of his clothing and many other places. He noted that the bugs appeared to be entering the apartment through very small cracks in the wall where the wall met the ceiling. The exterminator also stated that he was called by several other people residing in the apartment building who had similar complaints. The exterminator was of the opinion that the entire apartment complex was infested with bed bugs.

Florida rental complex refuses to admit bed bug problem

The next day, the exterminator hired by the apartment complex examined our client’s apartment. This exterminator was also of the opinion that the bugs were indeed bed bugs but did not agree that the bugs were part of a bigger problem with the apartment complex. Instead, the exterminator claimed that our client was the only renter with bed bugs and that he must have brought the bugs into his apartment from another location. The exterminator ignored the cracks in the walls and dismissed the notion that the bugs could have been infesting the entire complex.

Florida bed bug victim hires Dell and Schaefer

Upset with being accused of bringing bed bugs into his own home, the 24 year-old Miami bed bug victim decided to hire the attorneys at the Law office of Dell and Schaefer. Our attorneys were able to speak with the exterminator hired by our client and learned that he was a highly skilled and credible exterminator. We were able to get a report of his findings which were contrary to the findings of the exterminator hired by the complex. Our expert monitored the cracks in the walls and came to a conclusion that the bugs were nesting in these cracks, amongst other places, and were able to come and go between the apartments in the complex. Based on this information, our lawyers filed a negligence claim against the complex.

Attorneys Dell and Schaefer settle bed bug case

Based on the findings of our extermination expert, coupled with our client’s testimony, our attorneys were able to show negligence on behalf of the apartment complex. The attorneys at the Law Office of Dell and Schaefer were able to get our client compensated for his medical damages as well as pain and suffering. We were also able to get our client completely compensated for his entire property damage claim including, but not limited to, two mattresses, several pairs of shoes, many clothing items and other miscellaneous items. Our client was very appreciative of the outcome of his case. He happily reported being able to receive enough compensation to move out of the infested apartment complex and into a new, bed bug free apartment.

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Monday, April 14, 2014
Wenli Chiou:

I recently moved into a new house and need affordable furniture so I figured Craiglist would be the best option. After replying to a few posts a guy named Michael contacted me about a wire shelf I seeked interest in. After a few minutes on the phone I decided to stop by and take a look. Once I arrived he explained that he was moving out and needed to sell everything. I thought nothing of the clutter since he explained that he was in the process of moving out due to his landlord kicking him out or something… He told me he tried to get a lawyer etc. looked around the house and saw a dresser with a attached mirror I liked. I asked him how much he wanted and he said $50. It was a unusually good deal but I firgured he was selling everything bc he was a man in need. A day after having the dresser in my room I noticed bites on my body and told my roommate that this house might have bugs. Since we just moved in I didn’t think it came from the dresser. The second night in the midst of the night I woke up from the itching and biting around 5am. While scratching my leg I felt something with my fingertips, I immediately turned the flashlight app on my phone to see a little roundish looking bug. I’ve never seen a bed bug in my life. Never even had lice. After some research I realized that bed bugs were in my room and indeed biting me. Before I discovered that bug I’ve been tossing and turning for 2.hours itching and scratching. I found 10 bugs around me … And even more on the floor. I found one that was obviously a baby right by the dresser, it was half the size and transparent while the others were brownish black. I was disgusted. After telling the ownerof the house we decided it had to be the dresser. I took everything out and sprayed bug spray all over the crevices … 10 mins later about 10 more bugs dropped dead. Basically this guy sold me his dresser that was infested. After careful consideration my roommate and I came to the conclusion that this guy was moving out bc his house was infested. There’s no way he didn’t know if I realized in 1 day. There were little dots of bug shit all inside the dresser. I called him furiated and disgusted… He denied knowledge of the infestation. I woke up in the middle of the night from being bitten from these bed bugs. I believe he KNEW that the furniture was infested and still sold it to me. I know other people have been affected by his furniture bc the piece that I saw on his post was already sold when I got there and he was selling everything else. It is unethical to sell anyone furniture that has been infested ! That’s probably why he was moving out ! I hate to think how many homes he has infested by selling his furniture. Please contact me if you think there is anyway I can make him reimburse me for pesticides.

706 326 1478

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Grant Schwarz:

Wenli Chiou,

You have to be careful when you buy used furniture, let alone used furniture off of Craig’s list. We have helped numerous clients obtain compensation as a result of injuries suffered following the purchase of bed bug infested furniture.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I stayed at a hotel in Richmond Va. Was awaken being bitten by bugs and they were crawling on my chest, stomach and legs. I was bitten under my left arm and left ankle. That was on the 21st of october and And the scab had just fallen off this past Saturday The 14 From my ankle almost a whole month before that heald up. At made a complaint with the Richmond health department also the general manager was supposed to call me when she never did I had to call her back and then Basically she said well it was an epidemic all over the nation and that people bring them just to get a free night hotel stay I thought are you kidding me. I can’t believe she would even say that. I took pictures of my stomach And ankle Also took pictures of the bed bags before I left the hotel and show them to the front desk and made my complaint. The Richmond health department did go there seven days later. They told me when they inspected around when they arrived the hotel had cleaned it up the mattress was up against the wall they did not find any evidence but he said that was probably the because they had already brought their extermination to clean the mess up. Before I left the hotel I called my exterminator that I deal with at home and he told me what I had to do How to go about alcohol with my body that was like all my car When I got home I had to strip down out of my backyard and spray myself down when I called game before I came and put everything in a bag and throw it in the hot dryer and make sure to bring them back into my house to this date I do not have anything problems. But I can’t seem to get this out of my mind no one has called me from the hotel I have call the headquarters twice. I have a regular doctor appointment tomorrow 11/18/2015 but I want to speak with him to be sure that these places are going to go to completely away on my stomach and my uncle. Do you have any suggestions what I should do I’ve been googling bed bugs and put a message on big bug Registry Try to put on their website but they haven’t posted that yet.

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