Fort Lauderdale Accident Attorneys Get Settlement for Child’s Injury

Our client, a five-year-old boy, was visiting a neighbor of his parents over the weekend. He had been in the playroom for over an hour watching television with one of the neighbors when her husband came home. The husband and our client had a great relationship and always enjoyed seeing each other. As the husband came into the closed-in porch that served as the television room, our client stood up and ran towards the husband. The husband picked our client off the floor, and in fun, lifted him above his head. Unfortunately, as he lifted our client up, he did so directly below a quickly spinning metal-blade ceiling fan. The fan blades made contact with our clients head, causing a serious cranial injury.

Our client suffered a deep laceration to his forehead, which ultimately left a permanent scar. Additionally, our client suffered an inner cranial brain contusion that, three years later, is still the cause of headaches and pain. Past and future medical bills are well over $75,000.00.

Insurance declines liability

Initially the homeowner’s insurance policy for our client’s neighbors declined liability for this accident. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that the ceiling fan was installed too low on the ceiling. This resulted in the fan blades not being high enough from the floor in violation of the city, county and state building codes. The violation of the building codes was critical in establishing a case against both the homeowner, who demanded that the fan be placed where it was installed, as well as the installer who hung the fan too close to the floor.

Dell & Schaefer Earn Settlement for Boy’s Injuries

In investigating accident cases in an attempt to establish liability, it is often important to research existing statutes and codes to see if any violations have occurred. Clearly that was the case with the ceiling fan. Our efforts allowed us to finalize a claim against two defendants and get our client fully compensated.

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