Ft. Lauderdale Car Accident With Minimal Property Damage Results In $50,000.00 Settlement

Our client, a 48 year old woman, was travelling westbound on Oakland Park Blvd, coming home after a long day at her office. While stopped at a red light behind a row of cars, she was rear ended by a SUV. The driver of the SUV was checking her text messages while driving and was unaware that traffic ahead had stopped.

As a result of the crash, our client’s knee hit the lower part of the dashboard, and she felt immediate pain in her knee. Although the damage to her vehicle was minimal, our client suffered injuries to her neck and knee as a result of this Ft. Lauderdale car accident.

One day after the accident, our client contacted Fort Lauderdale accident attorneys, Dell & Schaefer, to determine her rights and what would need to be done in order for her to seek needed medical attention. She was properly advised by her attorneys to seek treatment from an orthopedic surgeon and as her attorneys, Dell & Schaefer set up the entire claims process so she could obtain her medical care without any immediate of out of pocket expense.

As a result of injuries to her neck and knee, our client was prescribed a short course of physical therapy. Her neck recovered well, but her knee pain was persistent. The orthopedic surgeon ordered a MRI of our client’s left knee. The MRI revealed a partially torn meniscus, which was causing popping and clicking in her knee, in addition to pain.

Client Undergoes Knee Surgey a Few Weeks After Auto Accident

To correct her knee problem, our client was scheduled for arthroscopic knee surgery. The surgery was successful and our client was back to normal about 6 weeks post surgery. She was absent from work for only 5 days following her procedure. Upon release from her orthopedic surgeon, attorneys Dell & Schaefer obtained all medical records, operative reports and bills associated with our client’s medical treatment. Subsequently, the case was prepared and presented to the at fault insurance company with a demand for payment of the $50,000.00 policy limit.

The Insurance Company Replies That Our Client’s Knee Injury Could Not Have Resulted From The Accident Due To The Minor Property Damage

Upon receipt of the demand and medical documentation, the at fault insurance company disputed that the knee injury and resulting surgery could not have occurred as a result of this accident and made a nominal offer of $7,000.00 to resolve the case. This offer was immediately rejected by our client. A lawsuit was prepared and sent to the insurance company, with a threat of seeking damages in excess of the policy limit. We also provided our client’s medical records for 5 years prior to the accident, evidencing that she has never had knee pain or prior injuries. Photographs depicting her swollen and bruised knee following the accident were also provided. The insurance carrier was given 10 days to tender the policy limit before the lawsuit was filed. 7 days after receiving the lawsuit the insurance company tendered their $50,000.00 policy limit.

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