Gas Station Sued By Orlando Negligent Security Attorney Following Attack On Customer

Our client arrived at an Orlando gas station at approximately 1:00 am to put gas into his car. The gas station was open for business and there was a gas station employee inside the convenience store behind bullet proof glass. While attempting to pump gas our client was robbed and struck in the back of the head with an assailant’s gun. Our client suffered a brain injury as a result of the attack. The assailants were never located or arrested as they fled the scene and were not caught. Our Orlando negligent security lawyers investigated the case and determined that during the 2 months prior to our client being attacked, there were two similar incidents within three blocks of the gas station. One of the prior incidents occurred at the same gas station.

We were able to prove that the gas station owner was negligent for the following reasons:

A lawsuit was filed against the gas company and the Orlando gas station owner. Prior to trial the case was resolved for a confidential sum. If you or a loved one has been injured as result of the negligent or inadequate security of a property owner, then contact us to discuss your potential claim.


Sunday, June 9, 2013
Darnell A. Givens:

I was assaulted by another patron at a bar and security did nothing about it.

I later found out that I became the subject of what security thought was a joke when they discussed it with a friend of mine several days after the incident occurred.

Can I take legal action against the establishment’s owner?

Monday, June 10, 2013
Attorney Greg Dell:


You cannot take action against the bar owner unless an employee of the bar injured you or if the bar owner failed to provide proper security. A case would not be worth pursuing unless you were seriously injured.

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