Hallandale Beach woman obtains $175,000 settlement after tripping in her mother’s apartment

A 45 year-old woman was spending a few nights at her mother’s apartment in Hallandale Beach, Florida. She would sleep with her laptop on the bed, with the computer power cord plugged into the wall. Unbeknownst to her, during the day her mother plugged the power cord into an extension cord having a surge protector. During the night, our client got out of bed and stepped on the surge protector, causing her to fall and severely fracture her leg. She was taken by ambulance to Aventura Hospital, and she ultimately underwent surgery on her leg, including the placement of a rod with multiple pins.

Attorneys Dell And Schaefer Take Over The Claim

In order to obtain compensation for her injuries, the woman contacted Hallandale Beach accident attorneys Dell & Schaefer to represent her. Luckily, our client’s mother had home owner’s insurance; therefore, although the claim was legally against her mother, she was seeking compensation from the insurance company, just as anyone else injured in the apartment would have been entitled.

The insurance company refused to make any reasonable offer to compensate our client for her injuries. As a result, the file was turned over to Dell & Schaefer’s litigation department to prosecute the claim. The insurance company vigorously fought the claim, arguing that our client had prior leg problems and implying that a jury would not have a positive view of a woman filing a lawsuit against her mother.

Dell and Schaefer Obtains $175,000 for our client

After many depositions and a lengthy mediation, the insurance company offered $175,000 to settle this claim. This is an example of the fact that under certain circumstances it is possible to sue a family member for negligence.

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