Hartford Car Insurance Claims

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc is more commonly known simply as The Hartford. It ranks among the largest investment and insurance providers in the US and trades on the NYSE with the ticker symbol HIG. Hartford Insurance is international in scope with operations based in the United States. Branch offices may be found in the UK, Japan, Ireland and Brazil. The insurance company has over 30,000 employees and serves many millions of customers through its international network.

Hartford Insurance Products

The Hartford is renowned for offering a multitude of personal and commercial insurance choices, as well as being a provider of investment services, annuities and mutual funds. Its insurance offerings comprise life, group and employee benefits such as workers’ compensation, commercial property liability, commercial surety, homeowner, commercial and private motor vehicle, casualty, flood, commercial umbrella and inland and ocean marine. The company presents it services via the internet and through independent brokers, agents and financial institutions.

Hartford Auto Insurance

Harford auto insurance plans offer discounts on the cost of standard premiums by combining home and auto insurance policies; gives defensive driver credits and driving training credits for under 21 year olds and good student driver credits. The company also reward automobile owners for having safety features and anti- theft devices fitted in their cars.

History of The Hartford

The company was originally established as the Hartford Fire Insurance Company in 1810 in Hartford, Connecticut. The group of investors started with working capital of $15,000.

The company takes pride in being known as one of America’s most trusted companies. It points to events in its history to demonstrate this. For example, in 1835, after a fire destroyed 650 buildings in Manhattan, Eliphalet Terry, the President of The Hartford at the time, traveled 125 miles from his home in Connecticut to personally deliver payouts to every customer personally. In those days, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. It was winter and temperatures in horse-drawn sleighs were far colder than we experience today in an unheated car.

The Hartford also withstood the claims made on it as a result of both the 1871 Chicago fire and the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

The Hartford continued to expand. In 1913, The Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company was established to provide a wide range of insurance products. This included automobile liability policies, accident policies, business interruption policies and personal damage policies, amongst other insurance services.

When the company once again expanded in 1959, it moved into the area of life insurance. It did this by purchasing the Boston, Mass. company The Columbian National Life Insurance Company.

The Hartford was purchased by the ITT Corporation in 1970 for $1.4 billion. At the time, this was the largest ever corporate takeover in US history. For 25 years, The Hartford was known as the ITT-Hartford Group, Inc. Then ITT sold it off in 1995. Once again, The Hartford was an independent entity and started trading on the NYSE under the ticker HIG.

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