Hialeah Car Accident Recovers $50,000 for Shoulder Injury

A 38 year old Hialeah, Florida warehouse manager was injured on State Road 826 in Hialeah when another vehicle lost control, causing an accident. Our client was traveling in the middle lane of the highway when another vehicle on the highway lost control and traveled from the inside lane to the median where the vehicle collided into the concrete barrier wall and swerved back onto the roadway across several travel lanes and struck the front driver’s side of our client’s vehicle, causing it to swerve onto the shoulder and collide with the guard rail where it remained pinned between the at-fault vehicle and the guard rail.

Both vehicles involved in the accident were totaled. Luckily, our client was able to walk away from the accident and only reported symptoms of right shoulder pain. He did not go to the emergency room that day but immediately responded to the hospital emergency room the following day when he awoke in a great deal of pain. X-rays were taken at the hospital but our client was not diagnosed with any injury. Instead, he was prescribed pain medication and instructed to seek follow-up care with an orthopedic doctor.

Our client decided that he would wait and see if the pain would subside but finally made an appointment with a doctor approximately one week later when it became clear that the painful symptoms were not subsiding. He sought the care of a board certified surgeon who immediately ordered an MRI of his right shoulder. The MRI revealed impingement upon the underlying supraspinatus muscle. It was clear that this is what was causing his pain.

After several weeks of unsuccessful conservative treatment, it became clear that our client would require shoulder surgery. He was scheduled for diagnostic arthroscopy of the right glenohumeral joint. The surgery was a success with our client reporting alleviation of his painful symptoms almost immediately.

The Hialeah car accident attorneys at the Law Office of Dell and Schaefer presented this claim to the at-fault party’s insurance company, The Hartford. Initially, The Hartford denied the claim based on the argument that this shoulder injury could not have been sustained in the accident. The attorneys at the Law Office of Dell and Schafer prepared this case for lawsuit and were able to achieve a $50,000.00 settlement for our client right prior to the lawsuit being filed.

Our client was already pleased with the fact that his operation was successful and alleviated his pain. He was even more pleased when he was able to get compensated for his harrowing experience.

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