Hialeah Truck Accident Results in $100,000 Settlement for Dell & Schaefer Client

Did you know that trucking accidents are often times resolved differently than the resolution of auto accidents? Although states have their own laws regulating the safety of trucks transporting goods on major highways and roadways, the federal government also has laws that are applicable to an accident if the trucks are delivering goods from one state to another. Most trucking companies are owned by large corporations and they spend millions of dollars each year to have attorneys working hard to defend them. Victims who are injured by an agent or employee of a large corporation absolutely must be represented by a law firm that has the resources and skill to fight back.

The Facts: Hialeah Auto Accident Results in Severe Upper and Lower Back Pain

Our client, a seventy five year old retired man, was traveling westbound on State Road 932 driving home after dropping his grandson off at school. Suddenly and without warning, the driver of the truck who was riding behind him, failed to notice that our client stopped for a traffic light and smashed into the rear of our client’s vehicle. Our client had a prior accident a few weeks earlier and his pre-existing injuries to his upper and lower back from the prior accident were made worse. The ambulance transported our client to Palm Springs General Hospital.

Our client began a subsequent course of physical therapy at a local chiropractor’s office. After a few months of physical therapy without any long term relief, the chiropractor referred our client out for an MRI of his cervical and lumbar spine. The MRI showed multi level disc herniations in his cervical spine at C3-C4, C4-C5, C5-C6, and C6-C7, as well as disc herniations in his lumbar spine at L2-L3, L3, L4, L5-L6, and L5-S1. Due to the severity of suffering from multiple disc herniations up and down his spine, the chiropractor referred our client to an orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon examined our client and prescribed epidural injections. Due to uncontrollable pain, our client underwent two series of epidural injections. Our client finally felt substantial relief from pain. However, due to his age, our client was unable to undergo any more epidural injections and was not able to have any surgery.

The Negotiation Against Scottsdale Insurance Company

Immediately after undergoing the epidural injections, the Hialeah Truck Accident Attorneys Dell and Schaefer immediately filed a claim with Scottsdale Insurance Company. We sought money damages for bodily injury, pain and suffering due to a permanent injury, and outstanding medical bills in excess of PIP coverage. The insurance company originally offered a very low offer of $20,000. They argued that because our client had a prior accident, that the prior accident was the one responsible for his injuries. We did not waiver in our demands for a six figure settlement. We advised Scottsdale Insurance that if they do not tender $100,000 to our firm within 30 days then we would file a bad faith claim against the insurance company and also seek damages in excess of the policy limits.

After a lengthy negotiation process, Scottsdale agreed to settle for $100,000! Our client was very pleased with the outcome of his case. Contact us for a free phone consultation.

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