The Importance of Having a Private Investigator involved in a Personal Injury Case

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

Our client is a 64 year old woman who was injured in the Casino of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. She had been at the location for a short period of time, when she decided to walk to another area. She crossed the carpeted floor near the cashier, while walking with her husband. All of a sudden she lurched forward, having stepped upon or trip over something on the floor. Both our client and her husband searched the floor for anything that she could have tripped over or caused her to fall. Our clients shoulder and arm were badly injured, which made it difficult to try and locate what had caused her to fall. Nothing on top of the carpet could have caused her fall. In fact, nothing was on top of the carpet that was a foregn object. At the time, why she fell was a bit of a mystery. Security agents of the hotel and casino were also not able to locate anything that our client could have tripped over.

Our client was taken to Memorial Hospital in Pembroke Pines where she was diagnosed with a fractured shoulder. Upon visiting with an orthopedic surgeon, it was determined that surgery was required to treat this severe injury. Surgery was performed a few days later. Our client also required significant therapy for weeks to assist in rehabilitation oif her shoulder and upper arm.

One month after her fall, our client found her way to Dell and Schaefer. After visiting with her and trying to analyze her accident it became clear that we needed to use our firms private investigator to try and resolve the mystery of her fall. Frankly, we were not hopeful of success in finding out why our client fell. However, we were willing to try and do eveything we could to find the answer. Our investigator went to the scene of the accident with our client and her husband. They were able to locate within a few inches the exact path that our client took when walking across the casino the day she fell. After carefully examining the area, Dell and Schaefer’s private investigator Edward Deimling was able to locate a raised area, underneath the carpeting. The raised area was most probably part of a structure that was not removed prior to the carpeting being placed over it. It was determined that some reconstruction had taken place in the area where this hidden defect was found. This raised area caused a “hidden defect” that only extremely careful examination could reveal. The hidden defect raised the carpeting, it was covering much higher than the surrounding floor. The hidden defect was very difficult to see, no matter how careful you were in observing the area in which you were walking.

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