Home Depot Can be Dangerous to Your Health

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

Our client is a middle age women who was shopping at her local Home Depot in Stuart, Florida. She had entered the main entrance and decided to go to the garden shop. She walked from the main section of the store to the garden shop. She was not carrying any items or pushing a cart, when she entered the garden shop. She looked around the garden shop for awhile, and then decided to return to the main section of the store.

As our client walked toward the doors that she had previously entered she tripped on a pale pinkish colored brick that was directly in the center of the floor heading to the doors to reenter the store. She fell hard to the floor on her right side. She got up, injured, and noticed that one of the two reentry doors was closed. It was apparent that the brick she tripped over was being used to hold open the door that was now closed. She called for assistance and gave her report to a store employee.

Our client, who had been previously represented by Dell & Schaefer, called our office immediately. Dell & Schaefer began our investigation as soon as we were hired. We immediately demanded access to any video tapes that might have shown the fall, the brick or any other pertinent facts to the case. We also sent our investigator to take photographs of the scene. The store, Home Depot, had already corrected the problem. In an effort to safely hold open the garden shop doors they had constructed a large “door stop”, made of a wooden platform bottom with a large orange safety cone nailed into the wooden platform. If this door stop had been used before our client’s injury, she would never have been hurt.

It is a good idea and a necessary safety precaution to be extra careful when walking through all different types of stores. Danger seems to be lurking around every corner and apparently through many doors. If the unfortunate happens and you are a victim of a store’s negligence call Dell & Schaefer Attorneys at Law. We know how to represent you. We know how to protect your rights. We know how to get you properly compensated.

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