I was coming home from a holiday party when I saw…

policecar“I was coming home from a holiday party when I saw…”

I am hearing this statement more and more often as the 2013 holiday season is in full swing. As an attorney practicing Criminal Defense, I have received over 100 DUI related consultation calls since Thanksgiving. DUI arrests and traffic crashes related to DUI are on a sharp rise, mostly related to the many office and family holiday parties, business happy hours, vacations, festivals and an overall feeling of joy for most as they reflect on the past year. Most, if not all, of these parties and gatherings involve the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants.

Police are taking extra precautions this year to protect the community from impaired drivers. These include speed traps, DUI checkpoints, roaming patrols and an overall increased police presence on all major roadways.

Please be sure to make designated driver preparations ahead of time when beginning an evening or attending a party where you will be consuming alcohol. Police officers will not be very friendly if you are stopped and they smell alcohol on your breath. The most likely result will be an arrest, towing of your vehicle, suspension of your drivers license, a lengthy legal battle, attorney’s fees and other costs associated with a DUI case.

The average cost to a DUI defendant is roughly $10,000.00 when considering attorney’s fees, court costs, fines, increased insurance premiums, car towing and potential loss of work. That sure makes that $50.00 taxi ride seem a lot more reasonable.

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