I Was Involved in an Auto Accident. What Can I Do to Be Properly Compensated for my Injuries?

Attorney Jay KanterAuthor: Attorney Jay Kanter

I was involved in an auto accident, my car was totalled and I suffered a serious back injury. GEICO has given me a low ball offer to settle my case for $2,800.00. What can I do to be properly compensated for my injuries?

It is not uncommon for Geico to make “low ball” offers to settle injury claims in Florida. If you suffered a severe back injury that may require injections or surgery, your claim for damages can be worth significantly more than their ridiculous offer. In a case where surgery is required to alleviate herniated disk pain, the damages could easily exceed six figures. Unfortunately, in order to be properly compensated by Geico for a serious injury, a lawsuit has to be filed. If you have suffered a serious injury and Geico makes a “low ball” offer, it is important to consult with a law firm that has experience in litigating cases against Geico. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer offer a free consultation on any injury claims in Florida.

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