Injured by malfunctioning automatic doors

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

Our client is an elderly woman who was injured while shopping at a major retailer. She was pushing her cart, with her purchases inside the cart, when she was injured exiting the store. Apparently the electric door mechanism failed and closed on our client.

On its face, these can often be very difficult liability cases. Many times law firms turn these cases down. The expectation is that the elderly person did something wrong and fell. The expectation is that the injury was caused by their neglect.

Dell & Schaefer did not turn this case down. After speaking with the client, it was clear that this person was specific and believable as to the facts. This gave our law firm a belief that something at the electronic door at the store failed. Dell & Schaefer pursued this theory.

Our client did suffer significant injuries. After surgery she has been doing better, but still suffers significant pain from her accident. We have aggressively represented the client in an effort to get her a substantial recovery after payment of all costs and medical bills.

It is very important in certain cases to hire a law firm that is willing to take on the “difficult” case. Dell & Schaefer takes on the “difficult” case.

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