Injuries in Sports Arenas and Stadiums

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

There are many injuries that happen in sports arenas, concert halls and other large venues. It is not uncommon for victims of negligence in these settings to ignore their potential cases due to enormity of the event where they were injured. Often the congestion and atmosphere seem to distract victims from these cases. If they are ignored, it is frequently impossible to recreate the circumstances where the injury happened. Sometimes the cause of the injury is ultimately obscured by the people at the event.

It is very important, if injured in a large event setting, to stay calm and be careful to preserve as much evidence to prove liability as possible. To do this can be very challenging, but not impossible. Certainly there is almost always large numbers of witnesses to the accident. Try your best to get contact information from these people. Also make sure to take photos of the area which was improperly maintained or photos of other evidence that will help prove your case.

Dell and Schaefer has represented many clients who have been injured in large venue accidents. We have represented victims injured by dangerous walking areas, improperly maintained bathrooms and flooring, drunken patrons, falling objects, faulty fencing and poor crowd control just to name a few different cases. Always call Dell and Schaefer to assist you if you have any questions.

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