Insurance Company Releases

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

Always be cautious when signing your name to any legal document. Be extra careful when signing your name to an insurance company release. Any legal document is full of language that most non-lawyers simply do not understand. In fact, many lawyers who do not read contracts regularly also have problems with the language of contracts and in particular, releases.

A contractual release operates exactly as its name depicts. A release is designed to “release” any and all people and entities named in the document. Release means that anyone named can no longer bring or attempt to collect or cause any other affirmative action to be taken against any party or entity released.

Often in automobile accident cases releases are signed for property damage and the language could easily apply towards the injury claim. It is vital that all releases are very specific as to who they release and what actions they release. It is equally important, and sometimes more important that not only who, is to be released is carefully scrutinized, but also who is not to be released.

Releases are confusing. You should always have adequate legal advice, before signing a release. Feel free to call Dell & Schaefer, we can help you make sure that signing a release will not be detrimental to you.

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