Jacksonville Truck Accident Kills One

A woman was killed in a Jacksonville truck accident on December 17. According to Florida Highway Patrol, a 61-year-old woman was traveling on Interstate 4 when her Toyota SUV collided with the back of a semi-tractor trailer and was wedged underneath. The truck had been parked on the side of the Interstate at the time of the accident for unknown reasons.

The woman driver of the SUV was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the semi-truck was not injured. The woman reportedly was driving with two dogs, one of which was injured. Both dogs were rescued by the Halifax Humane Society.

Large commercial trucks often weigh thousands of pounds and can cause serious damage to other vehicles and motorists when involved in collisions. When truck drivers are negligent behind the wheel due to fatigue, distraction, stress or inattentiveness, potentially fatal accidents can occur. Those who have been injured due to a reckless truck driver deserve compensation for their injuries. Unfortunately, many injuries suffered in truck accidents are catastrophic, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken or lost limbs. These injuries can require extensive medical care or rehabilitation, which can be an incredible expense for victims of negligent truck drivers. Our Florida injury attorneys will fight for your fair compensation if a reckless truck driver has injured you.

Our injury lawyers recently settled a truck accident case for $150,000. Our client was injured in a truck accident in North Miami when an 18-wheeler sideswiped his vehicle, causing him to lose control and collide into a concrete barrier. Our client initially refused treatment for his injuries, but ended up with two separate herniated discs from the accident and eventually had to undergo a cervical fusion to correct the damage and end his pain and suffering. We filed a lawsuit and hired an accident reconstruction expert to fight on our clients behalf and prove that the 18-wheeler was at fault for his injuries. After several months of litigation, we negotiated a $150,000 settlement for our client.

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