Key West Auto Accident Settles for $134,500.00!

Our client, a forty two year old man who lives in Hollywood and was employed as a construction worker, was riding as a passenger in his boss’ pickup truck in Key West while en route to do a construction job. When our client reached the corner of U.S. 1 and White Street, suddenly and without warning, the defendant ran a red light and T-boned the vehicle our client was riding in. Our client’s vehicle spun around and came to a complete stop almost 50 feet from the site of impact. Our client immediately felt pain in his neck and back.

Our client sought care and medical attention from a chiropractic physician. After a physical examination, the physician diagnosed him with neck and back strains. The doctor prescribed an intense physical therapy regimen. After two weeks our client did not feel any relief from the pain in his neck and back. The chiropractor then prescribed a MRI of the cervical spine. The MRI showed multi level disc herniations in the cervical spine at C2-C3 and C3-C4. As a result of the positive MRI, our client was referred to an orthopedic surgeon.

The orthopedic surgeon examined our client and diagnosed him with multiple herniated discs of the cervical spine. The doctor recommended that our client undergo surgery consisting of a cervical discogram at multiple levels with an intradiscal decompression under fluoroscopy at the confirmed positive levels.

After his surgery, our client retained the Key West Auto Accident Attorneys, Dell and Schaefer to represent him for his damages against the insurance company. Dell and Schaefer presented a claim for outstanding medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and reimbursement for the domestic help he had to hire to help him care for himself and his family. The case settled for $134,000.00.

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